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Category: Research and Creative Practice

“Project Aurora” Panel Discussion with Ginny Ruffner, Ed Fries, and Wanda Gregory, Thursday, May 23rd

Learn about the making of Project Aurora from the creators—artist Ginny Ruffner, technologist Ed Fries, and scholar Wanda Gregory—in a panel discussion moderated by Chief Curator, Leslie Anderson. This program celebrates the National Nordic Museum’s acquisition of this important work of art. Learn about the making of Project Aurora from the creators—artist Ginny Ruffner, technologist...

May 23, 2024

Jennifer Atkinson Gives Author Talk for California State University Faculty

Jennifer Atkinson gave an author talk at CSU to launch her new book, The Existential Toolkit for Climate Justice Educators: How to Teach in a Burning World. The talk was live-streamed for all 22 campuses of the California State University System, and is now available to view on YouTube. Atkinson co-edited the book with Dr....

May 2, 2024

Jennifer Atkinson gives keynote talk at OSU on Collective Climate Action

Jennifer Atkinson gave a keynote talk for the new series on “Collective Climate Action: Inspired Organizing for Our Future” as part of Oregon State University’s Spring Creek Project. The Collective Climate series was launched to bring together the practical wisdom of environmental science, the clarity of philosophy, and the transformational power of the written word...

April 23, 2024

Kari Lerum publishes two essays in The Sage Encyclopedia of LGBTQ+ Studies

Associate Professor Kari Lerum recently published two essays in the second edition of The Sage Encyclopedia of LGBTQ+ Studies. The first essay, “Sex work and Criminalization,” is a revised and updated version of Lerum’s essay by the same name appearing in the 2016 The Sage Encyclopedia of LGBTQ+ Studies. The essay defines sex work within...

April 17, 2024

A Call for Global Cultural Change to Shift Civilization and Save the Planet

In a review published April 2, 2024, University of Hawaii atmospheric scientist Charles Fletcher, UWB professor Phoebe Barnard and a team of eminent western and indigenous scientists, historians, futurists, and other global colleagues consider the causes of and solutions to multiple converging and interwoven crises on Earth, including climate change, ecological destruction, disease, pollution, and...

April 3, 2024

Jennifer Atkinson Leads Climate Workshop for 200 Faculty at California State University

IAS faculty member Jennifer Atkinson worked with climate author Sarah Jaquette Ray to train over 200 faculty on how to center emotion in climate education. The sessions took place in March 2024, with faculty from across the California State University (CSU) system attending. The workshops are part of CSU’s Teaching Climate Change and Resilience Faculty...

March 21, 2024

Wanda Gregory collaborates on Project Aurora, now on display at the National Nordic Museum

Project Aurora, a collaborative effort by IAS faculty member Wanda Gregory, renowned glass artist Ginny Ruffner, and Ed Fries, former head of Microsoft Xbox, is currently on display at the National Nordic Museum until June 2024. Inspired by Iceland’s northern lights, Project Aurora is a 20-foot light installation that utilizes AI programming.

March 14, 2024

Jin-Kyu Jung coauthors “Digital Food Apartheid: The Uneven Food Geographies of Seattle In The Era of Amazon”

Jin-Kyu Jung has published a co-authored paper, “Digital food apartheid: The uneven food geographies of Seattle in the era of Amazon” in Environment and Planning F: Philosophy, Theory, Models, Methods and Practice. The paper puts forward the concept of “digital food apartheid” to articulate differentiation in terms of one’s agency concerning their food that is...

March 14, 2024

Jennifer Atkinson Discusses Climate Anxiety on Crosscut Reports, PBS

Faculty member Jennifer Atkinson spoke with “Crosscut Reports” on Cascade PBS about the vast range of emotions people experience in climate education and climate activism — from outrage and fear to solidarity, purpose, apathy, and joy. In introducing this episode on How Climate Change is Taxing Our Mental Health, Crosscut host Maleeha Syed summarized her...

March 7, 2024

IAS Affiliate Faculty Jill Freidberg has been awarded a $400,000 Mellon Humanities In Place grant

IAS Affiliate Faculty Jill Freidberg has been awarded a $400,000 Mellon Humanities In Place grant for the Seattle Black Spatial Histories Institute, an oral history training program that she founded and co-directs as part of her work at Wa Na Wari. Since its inception, the Seattle Black Spatial Histories Institute has also received curricular support from IAS geographers...

February 29, 2024