Requirements and Policies

BIS 300 & BIS 499

BIS 300 Interdisciplinary Inquiry is a required first quarter course for students newly admitted to majors in the School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences. IAS students who did not register for BIS 300 in their first quarter will receive a hold preventing registration for the future term. Students who did not complete or pass BIS 300 will also receive a BIS 300 Hold.

BIS 499 Portfolio Capstone is required within the last three quarters of a student’s intended graduation. BIS 499 is a writing-intensive (W) course. Students must receive a minimum course grade of 2.5 in the portfolio capstone to graduate

Interdisciplinary Practice & Reflection (IPR)

The IPR requirement can be completed through elective credits or it can overlap with major coursework.

Areas of Inquiry

25 credits must be completed in each Area of Inquiry. The Areas of Inquiry are: Arts and Humanities (A&H), Social Sciences (SSc), and Natural Sciences (NSc).

Multiply-designated courses may not be double-counted as fulfilling two Areas of Knowledge. Courses may apply to both an Area of Knowledge requirement and a major requirement.

Upper Division Credit Policy

Of the credits applying to major requirements, a minimum of 48 must be completed at the Upper Division (300-400) level.

Matriculated status

Courses taken to satisfy IAS major requirements must be completed in matriculated status.

Admitted prior to Autumn Quarter, 2016?

Students admitted prior to Autumn 2016 may choose to complete their degree under the current graduation requirements or switch to these new requirements. Please schedule an advising appointment with an IAS advisor to review the new degree requirements and how they apply to your academic plan. You can schedule an appointment with your IAS advisor or email.