MFA Alum Abigail Mandlin founds Literary Journal – Heart on our Sleeves Press

Abigail Mandlin (MFA ’20) recently launched Heart on Our Sleeves Press, a literary magazine featuring poetry and prose. The title is a reference to the way writers encounter the world. As Mandlin writes, “[i]t’s our burden and our pleasure to experience the world in technicolor–in all caps–and it’s what drives us to the page, to get out our thoughts and feelings. And through our talents, we also have the privilege of opening the eyes of others who might not be so lucky, drawing them into our world and having them experience the wonders of a universe at full volume.” The theme of the first issue, “blood pressure” invites submissions that reckon with the forces our ancestors and lineage exert upon us. Check out submission guidelines at this website, and stay tuned for issue 1!