Jennifer Atkinson Discusses Climate Anxiety on Crosscut Reports, PBS

Faculty member Jennifer Atkinson spoke with “Crosscut Reports” on Cascade PBS about the vast range of emotions people experience in climate education and climate activism — from outrage and fear to solidarity, purpose, apathy, and joy.

In introducing this episode on How Climate Change is Taxing Our Mental Health, Crosscut host Maleeha Syed summarized her interview with Atkinson: “It’s hard to miss the signs of climate change. The ocean’s heating, ice sheets are melting and – in places like Washington – wildfire seasons are getting longer. But climate change isn’t just impacting our landscape: It’s also affecting our mental health. In this episode of Crosscut Reports, host Maleeha Syed talks with Jennifer Atkinson, an associate teaching professor at the University of Washington Bothell, about the difficult emotions many of us experience with these changes – and what we can do to navigate them.”

Listen to the full interview on Crosscut Reports.