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Academic majors and minors offered in the School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences (IAS) are organized in Meta-Majors based on common educational and professional specializations. This approach encourages students to build friendships with peers who share similar academic and career goals and with faculty teaching in their intended area of interest.

At the University of Washington Bothell, incoming first-year students select a Meta-Major Pathway to indicate their intended area of study. The five meta-majors are:

All IAS majors offer an educational experience shaped to the unique goals and aspirations of each student. Whether you arrive to the School of IAS through a meta-major or by transferring into a specific major, you will have the opportunity to link your passions across diverse fields of study to solve real life challenges and concerns.



  • Community Psychology (No longer accepting admissions. See Psychology instead.)
  • Environmental Science (No longer accepting admissions. See Conservation & Restoration Science or Earth System Science instead.) 
  • Individualized Study (No longer accepting admissions. See Interdisciplinary Studies instead.)


Students in the School of IAS are passionate about gaining knowledge in a broad span of disciplines across the humanities, natural sciences, technology, and mathematics, and using this knowledge to lead social change.

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Courses taught by faculty in the School of IAS draw on knowledge from multiple academic areas of study to help students learn about and respond to emerging issues and problems across modern and diverse social contexts.

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Hands-on learning experiences inspire IAS students to seek socially-just and environmentally-sustainable career opportunities to address the concerns of individuals, communities, and organizations, and regions.

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