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The School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences offers ten minors that engage in key interdisciplinary concepts related to diversity, critical thinking, analytical foundations, and social relations.

Interested students should review the minor requirements and declare their minor as early as possible. To declare or receive advising on the IAS minors please make an advising appointment, or email IASadv@uw.edu.

**Note: Classes in these minors are offered primarily during the day-time hours.

Minor in Creative Writing
Minor in Ecological Restoration
Minor in Diversity Studies
Minor in Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies
Minor in Geographic Information System (GIS)
Minor in Human Rights
Minor in Performance
Minor in Policy Studies
Minor in Science, Technology & Society
Minor in Visual & Media Arts


Students in the School of IAS are passionate about gaining knowledge in a broad span of disciplines across the humanities, natural sciences, technology, and mathematics, and using this knowledge to lead social change.


Courses taught by faculty in the School of IAS draw on knowledge from multiple academic areas of study to help students learn about and respond to emerging issues and problems across modern and diverse social contexts.


Hands-on learning experiences inspire IAS students to seek socially-just and environmentally-sustainable career opportunities to address the concerns of individuals, communities, and organizations, and regions.