On leave and withdrawal

On Leave

Graduate students who wish to take time off from their study must apply for on-leave status to remain an active student. Visit the UW Graduate School’s page Graduate On-Leave Status to submit a request for on-leave status. Visit the UW Graduate School’s Memo 9 page to see eligibility and requirements for taking leave.


Graduate students who are registered in one or more classes, but find that they are unable to attend should withdraw. Students can withdraw from a single class or multiple classes. Withdrawal from all classes is a condition of going on leave (see above). See the Withdrawal, Quarter-Off, and On-Leave Policies and Procedures page for instructions on how to withdraw.


Graduate students who have failed to maintain graduate student status (on-leave status or registered) but who wishes to resume studies in their previous graduate program must submit a reinstatement request to the Graduate School. Visit the UW Graduate School’s Reinstatement page initiate a request.