Kari Lerum publishes two essays in The Sage Encyclopedia of LGBTQ+ Studies

Associate Professor Kari Lerum recently published two essays in the second edition of The Sage Encyclopedia of LGBTQ+ Studies.

The first essay, “Sex work and Criminalization,” is a revised and updated version of Lerum’s essay by the same name appearing in the 2016 The Sage Encyclopedia of LGBTQ+ Studies. The essay defines sex work within the context of sexual regulation and criminalization, examines LGBTQ+ participation in sex work, and discusses how contemporary LGBTQ+ sex worker activists are both partnering with human rights and global health experts and finding connections with movements for anti-racist and anti-carceral social transformation.

The second essay, “Trafficking in the Sex Trades,” summarizes the politics of defining human trafficking, discusses the connection between invalid and unreliable definitions with carceral anti-trafficking policies, and highlights how LGBTQIA+ individuals may be impacted by these carceral approaches.