Degree Maps

What is a Degree Map?

Sometimes called a “major map,” this tool outlines the courses you need to complete each quarter in order to be admitted to a major and/or graduate “on time.” The purpose of this tool is to help you learn how to navigate and track your own progress toward graduation, empower you to have ownership of your academic path and future, and get the most out of your undergraduate experience. You will know where you are at each stage of the journey and where you are going next.

A degree map is not a contract. Consider it a checklist, a sample plan, or a guided pathway to help you visualize a clear pathway to graduation. Students who follow their degree map could avoid taking unnecessary courses and therefore save time and money. Degree maps can be used by anyone, including incoming first-year and transfer students who are new to UW Bothell.

Where can I find a Degree Map for my major?

Degree Maps can be viewed, downloaded, and printed directly from MyPlan. When you visit the MyPlan webpage, click Find Programs. Make sure the search page is set to Bothell Campus. Then, search for the name of the major, or filter the search page to only show majors in the School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Science. When you click on the major name, you will see a link to the Degree Map below the major description.

You can also see the Degree Map for each major on the Degrees webpage.