Jennifer Atkinson at Climate Science on Tap!


IAS faculty member Jennifer Atkinson joined a panel of climate experts including Meade Krosby (UW Climate Impacts Group) and Sarah Myhre (UW Oceanography) to speak on the topic of Environmental Grief & Hope at Climate Science on Tap! The Climate Science on Tap program is a partnership between Cascadia Climate Action and the University of Washington that offers public panel discussions to build community understanding of, and engagement with climate change, its related causes, impacts, and solutions. 

December's panel, "Climate Hope for the Holidays: Turning Angst into Action," was organized in response to the latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which paints a grim picture of the future if humanity fails to act. Yet research shows that doom-and-gloom rarely motivates people to action. Instead it results in fear, anxiety, and depression. In this special holiday addition of Climate Science on Tap, Jennifer and other panelists focused on a hopeful and empowering message: they discussed coping with environmental grief and anxiety, communicating ‘Earth Optimism’, and highlighting local action that can make a difference.


  • Jennifer Atkinson, UW Bothell, Environmental Studies
  • Helene Costa, Cascadia Climate Action
  • Meade Krosby, UW Climate Impacts Group
  • Sarah Myhre, UW Oceanography

Moderator: P Sean McDonald, UW Program on the Environment

Climate Science on Tap event
Climate Science on Tap event

Climate Science on Tap event showing panel
Climate Science on Tap event