Event policies

Event policies

To ensure safety of students, faculty, staff, and guests, as well as to promote proper use of UW Bot hell spaces and facilities, various policies are set for events and meetings hosted on campus. All space reservations for North Creek Events Center (NCEC), UW1, UW2, DISC Hall and Outdoor Spaces except the Sport Fields on-campus are held to these policies and are subject to enforcement.
For information on the ARC please visit this link.

Table of contents:

Accessibility & ADA

The University is committed to providing access, equal opportunity, and reasonable accommodation in its services, programs, activities, education, and employment for individuals with disabilities. Events hosted on campus should take every effort to plan their event to be accessible to all people. Events must meet guidelines set by the Americans with Disability Act (ADA).

UW Bot hell Disability Resources for Students (DRS) can provide consultation and possibly assist with services and accommodations for your event. We encourage events to contact DRS with any accessibility questions

Announcement of Events Open to the Public, Employees or Students

Announcements are made through brochures, flyer's, position postings, web flyer's, email blasts, social media event pages, event advertisements, etc. Open meetings and trainings may also fall into this category. If a calendar software is used (i.e. Trumba, etc.) it is recommended to include in the templates for invitations. All announcements should include the following statement:

"The University of Washington is committed to providing access and reasonable accommodation in its services, programs, and activities. Accommodation requests related to a disability should be made by [INSERT specific date] to [INSERT sponsoring department contact, phone number, and email address]."

If limited space:

"Accommodation requests related to a disability should be made by [INSERT specific date] to [INSERT sponsoring department contact, phone number, and email address]."

Freedom of Speech

To schedule a Freedom of Speech Zone please contact Events and Conference Services. (ibex's@uw.edu)  425-352-3556. Please review and adhere to the freedom of speech policy here.

Posting Policy

Link to posting policy


Large banners intended for high-profile locations including garages, the Commons and North Creek Events Center sky bridge must be approved by Office of Advancement & External Relations.


Animals and pets inside University facilities and on University property are subject to WAC 478-128-030. Per this policy, animals at events, with the exception of "service animals" and "service animals in-training," are not permitted inside University facilities. Thus, events wishing to include animals must be hosted outdoors.

Food Approvals

Complete the Food Approval Form at least ten business days prior to the meeting, training or recognition event.  

UUF recommendation

A Temporary Food Service Permit is required for public events on UW property where food is sold or given away. It allows EH&S to evaluate the safety of food preparation, handling and storage by external vendors that operate with a license from the local health department, which helps protect health and prevent food borne illness. 

To evaluate food safety practices, we need to know:

  1. What food is being served
  2. How the food will be prepared
  3. Under what conditions the food will be served

Apply for a Temporary Food Service Permit

The Temporary Food Service Permit application must be submitted on line at least two weeks prior to the event date.

To apply for a Temporary Food Service Permit, you must have United. If you do not have one, please identify a sponsoring department, complete the appropriate form, and submit a permit application for each food vendor.

Not sure whether you need a Temporary Food Service Permit for your event?

Read the information below and follow the decision tree to determine whether you need a permit.

A Temporary Food Service Permit is required if the event meets at least one of the following conditions:

  • Food will be served at the event and
  • Events sponsored by UW departments and groups, including registered student organizations or
  • Events that are open to the public (students, faculty, staff and general public) or are advertised publicly or
  • Events sponsored by non-UW groups if campus community members are invited guests

A Temporary Food Service Permit is NOT required when:

  1. The food served is limited to non-perishable, commercially pie-packaged, ready-to-eat foods, such as:
    • Wrapped or boxed baked goods
    • Pasteurized, canned and bottled beverages
    • Candy
  2. Registered student organizations provide non-perishable, commercially pie-packaged foods (e.g., chips, candy, individually-wrapped store-bought ice cream or cookies) for meetings of their own members.
  3. The food served at an event is provided by UW Housing & Food Services.
  4. Non-UW groups hold private, invitation-only events (e.g., weddings) on UW property, where the campus community is not invited.


EH&S will NOT approve a Temporary Food Service Permit application if:

  • The food will be prepared at home.
  • The food establishment is not in compliance with local health department regulations.
  • The permit application is submitted less than two weeks prior to the event.

Please click on the link below to submit an application.

What you can do to stay safe:

If you are hosting an event that is open to the public on UW property, please follow these food safety tips for safe food preparation, handling and transport.

EH&S offers the following services:

  • Careful review of Temporary Food Service Permits
  • Consultation to groups hosting public events where food is served
  • On-site inspection of food service vendors

Here is some additional information for EH&S:

  1. When do I need to complete a UW Temporary Food Service Permit (TFP).

Apply for a  UW EH&S Temporary Food Service Permit to sell, sample, or give away food  if the event is on UW leased or owned property and meets any of the following conditions:

  • Events sponsored by UW departments and groups, including registered student organizations or
  • Events that are open to the general public or UW campus community (students, faculty, staff) or are advertised publicly or
  • Events held by non-UW groups if UW campus community members are invited guests

For additional details regarding when a TFP is required visit the UW EH&S Temporary Food Service Permit website.

What is the lead time for a Temporary Food Service Permit.

Submit a UW Temporary Food Service Permit (TFP) application online at least two weeks prior to the event date. EH&S cannot guarantee review of TFP applications that are submitted within 14 days of an event. If you have any questions, please contact the EH&S Public Health Team (phdept@uw.edu).

  1. If I select a UWB approved caterer do I need to complete a Food Permit.

The University retains a sizable list of preferred catering contracts. These vendors have been pre-qualified by UW Procurement Services (not based on health standards) and have agreed to the UW Terms and Conditions. 

You will still have to complete a UW EH&S Temporary Food Permit for caterers in this list. Restaurant ownership, food handling practices, and county inspection scoring changes over time.   At the time of permit application, UW EH&S staff will review the event, the type/complexity of food proposed to be served, and the caterer’s operating permit and inspection history, and make sure the caterer is qualified, whether they are contracted or not.

A UW EH&S Temporary Food Permit is not required when food is sourced from campus food establishments with operating permits issued by UW EH&S (e.g., UW Housing & Food Services, UWMC Plaza Café, Bay Laurel Catering, UWB Aramark).

  1. Why do I need to complete a Food Permit.

A temporary food establishment that intends to serve food to the UW community or public in conjunction with a single event or celebration is required under the Washington state food code to be permitted.  The temporary food service permit process allows for UW public health staff to screen vendors for critical food safety requirements and safe handling practices to prevent potential foodborne illness from food served at a UW event.

4. ​Grills &BBQ's

BBQ must be 25 Feet away from Building and be placed in a designated spot on the UWB Campus.   A Class ABC Fire Extinguisher must be present.  A permit from the City of Bothell may be required.  No Charcoal BBQ's are allowed.  All Food Safety requirements must be followed.   Please work with EH&S. Link to temporary Food Service Permit.


  • Serving Alcohol: Please complete both forms. The UW Bothell from must be signed by UWB Campus Events and the Vice Chancellor of Planning and Admin.  Please post both form at your event.  Please complete both forms at least 3 weeks before your event if not sooner. ​


Grills & BBQS

BBQ must be 25 Feet away from Building and be placed in a designated spot on the UWB Campus.   A Class C Fire Extinguisher must be present.  A permit from the City of Bothell may be required.  No Charcoal BBQ's are allowed.  All Food Safety requirements must be followed.   Please work with EH&S. Link to temporary Food Service Permit.

Facilities (Electrical, Water Connections, etc.)

All facilities needs for an event (including electrical and water access, staking into grass, inflatables on campus, etc.) should be requested through Event and Conference Services. Event Services will review requests and work one-on-one with the Event Patron to determine if they can be accommodated.

Blood Drives

Blood Drives are permitted on the UW Bothell campus. If you are planning to bring a Blood Mobile on campus we need to schedule space with Transportation Services at uwbpark@uw.edu

Commercial Activities

Per WAC 478-136-030: University facilities may not be used for private or commercial purposes such as sales, advertising, or promotional activities unless such activities serve an educational purpose, as determined by the appropriate chair of the committee on the use of university facilities


Do not use ladders. Only UW Bothell Facilities Staff may do so.


Occupancy in a space should never exceed the posted maximum occupancy of an event space. Room Occupancy is usually posted either near the entrance or just outside the room.

If an event feels they are at capacity, they should stop admitting individuals into the space. Events can contact Campus Safety to assist with events when occupancy issues arise.

Outdoor Pop-Up Tents & Canopies

UW Bothell faculty, staff, and students are permitted to use canopies on campus for their events and programs. Please review the guidelines below before your event to ensure you are in compliance with your canopy.

Canopy Guidelines

  • Canopies should be 10 foot x 10 foot in size or smaller.
  • Canopies should be in good working order.
  • Canopies should be able to stand alone (Do not tie-off to trees, building(s) and or other structures)
  • All Canopies must be used securely weighted with sand bags or blocks to ensure that they stay in place (recommended 20lbs per leg). Facilities can supply weights if needed
  • Canopies are not permitted to stay up overnight.
  • Canopies are only allow to be set-up in the Codex, Plaza an at the W.
  • Should a canopy pull away, cause damage, etc., the University is held harmless and the department/organization is responsible financially for any damage caused."


Tents that are within 12 feet of one another are considered a single structure.  Any single structure that is 400 or less square feet, does not need a permit.  A single structure that is 700 square feet or less, does not need a permit if there are zero sidewalls.  If the structure is over 700 square feet, it must have a permit.  If it is above 400 AND has a single sidewall, it needs a permit.  The city of Bothell Fire code is the International Fire Code.    

Fire FAQs and Community Resources

Generally a fire permit will be required for items like bouncy houses, generators, open flame, and tents or temporary structures larger than 10’x10’."

Campus Security

If your event meets one of the following criteria you may be required to schedule a security officer for your event:

  • Large Occupancy numbers
  • Outside building hours
  • Serving alcohol
  • Cash changing hands
  • Controversial/political in nature

Amplification Sound

The UW Bothell is a campus with many activities and events occurring at all times, and as such, events must adhere to noise and sound amplification guidelines. This is to ensure activities, especially classes and instruction, are not affected.

Noise and sound amplification are prohibited in spaces near classrooms or adjacent to academic buildings when classes are in-session. Noise and sound amplification are permitted during non-class times and in spaces not near classrooms or academic spaces.

The Sound Limit in the Plaza is 70dB.   For your event you must check out a Sound Monitor from the IT Desk and Monitor the amps.

UW Bothell is subject to the City of Bothell Noise Ordinance. If you are planning an event involving amplification you should confirm you are within compliance.  You must all get approval from the UUF.   

City of Bothell Maximum permissible source sound level in excess of increase in total sound level above the ambient sound level. View City of Bothell Municipal Codes: Table 8.26.065 

  • Monday- Friday: 7am - 8pm
  • Saturday: 9am - 6pm
  • Sunday: Prohibited

For reference please see the Freedom of Speech policy section.

Permanent Tabling

The UWB Campus has three Permanent Tables that can be scheduled for tabling.   To schedule one of the two Permanent Tables please submit a 25Live Request.   Please note there is not charge to hold a Tabling Event and one of the Permanent Tables.

The Locations of the Permanent Tables are:

  • Codex – Under the Library Overhang
  • UW2 Common - South/West Wall. 

Bounce Houses

All Bounce Houses must be set-up and staff by a 3rd Party Vendor.  Depending on the size of the Bounce House the City of Bothell may require a Permit.  Please work with Events and Conference Services to schedule your event. 

Smoke/Fog Machines

Smoke and Fog Machines are not allowed inside buildings on the UWB Campus. 

Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk Chalk can we used but must be preapproved with Facilities.  

Please provide the below information:  

  • Location
  • Scope
  • Content
  • Duration

Chalk must be non-staining and water soluble.  (Non-oil based chalks)

Event Patron is required to provide a budget number and agree that they will pay for any and all costs associated with the immediate pressure washing of the chalk post-event.

The Event Patron is not allowed to clean-up, or direct the clean-up of the chalk by others.

Window Decoration

Drawing on, or affixing anything to the campus windows is prohibited per the posting policy located here.

City of Bothell Permit

Permits Take 60+ Day to process and Approve. 

Timeline: Application can be found here. 

Event Furniture

Tables & Chairs: Do not set up, store, remove from location, or breakdown tables and chairs. Only  UW Bothell Facilities Staff may do so.

Room Arrangements: Tables and chairs may only be shifted within the space reserved for the event. If an event space is rearranged, it must be restored to its original configuration within the amount of time reserved for the event.

Furniture needs to be clear of all exits at all times.

North Creek Event Center

Sample Diagrams for NCEC can be found here.

Rule of Thumb: Facilities needs 3hrs between events in  NCEC to reset the space for a new event.

North Creek Events Center Specifics

  • Kitchen Amenities Include: Ice Machine, 2 Microwaves, Hot Food Storage Box, Refrigerator, and Freezer. 
  • Please do not bring bags of ice to the North Creek Events Center. There is little storage and ice is provided.
  • The kitchen is only for cold food prep. There is not proper ventilation in the kitchen to support cooking. 
  • Please remove any leftover food, dishes, and/or decorations immediately following your event. 
  • Event and Conference Services is not responsible for items that are left in the North Creek Events Center after your event is completed."
  • All Caterer need to bring sanitizer buckets/solution/test strips. 

UW2 Commons Hall (UW2)

The UW2 Commons can be scheduled starting at 3:30pm for event set-up with your event starting at 4:30pm. Note: the Gold Brew Coffee stays open until 4pm during the school year.

Fire Lanes

The Promenade and the Crescent Path are both Fire Lanes for the UWB/CC Campus and must be kept clear. 

Transportation Services

If you need Transportation Services for your event please contact Transportation Services directly uwbpark@uw.edu

Green Events 

We encourage sustainability mindfulness when planning events, through thinking about materials such as food, brochures, giveaways, decorations, etc. from “source to sink”. This means thinking about where materials are sourced (preferably from local, diverse and sustainable vendors), what they are made of (preferably compostable or recyclable materials), and where they will end up (landfill, recycling, compost). Please see our Green Events Guide for more ways to “green” your events! The UW Bothell Sustainability Office is happy to consult with you at any time on your event sustainability, feel free to contact us at uwbsust@uw.edu.

Event Rental Equipment

UWB Event Equipment can be used at UWB Events at offsite locations for a fee.  Please contact UWB Campus Event for further questions and pricing. 

Donation Bins

Donation Bins location must be scheduled via 25Live.

  • The approved locations are: 
    • Founders Hall (UW1) - 1st floor Lobby
    • Commons Hall (UW2) – Southeast corner of commons Area
    • Discovery Hall -  Lower Level Lobby
  • Please include the below information on your 25Live request: 
    • UWB Club Name
    • What is the mission 
    • Donation items requested 
    • Donation Drive Dates
  • For Donation Bins in the ARC please contact Activities & Recreation Center Events <arcevent@uw.edu>