UUF Sponsorship

To ensure that an event is not taking away from the mission of the university, any event that falls under these categories must have a UW Bothell sponsor:

  • A non-university group or individual wanting to hold an event in a UWB facility
  • A private or commercial group wanting to sponsor or be involved in an event at UWB
  • Events held by UWB staff, faculty, or students wanting to hold an event independent of any department, academic unit, or student group
  • Partisan political events
  • Outdoor events with amplification

Although it is the external patron’s responsibility to obtain a UW Bothell sponsor, the Program Manager can assist you in identifying potential sponsors on campus for your event.

It is the sponsor’s responsibility to review the content of the event, the qualifications of those conducting the event, the manner of the presentation, and on behalf of their department agree that an event is consistent with the Use of University Facilities policy.

UUF Committee

Once sponsorship has been obtained, the Program Manager will send the request to the UUF committee for final approval. Upon their approval, the request can be submitted and the contract process is able to begin.

Contract process

We will create a contract that includes all of the details and costs for your event.

  • Liability insurance – A copy of your insurance in the amount of one million dollars/occurrence (2 million for events involving minors) is needed; most companies/organizations already have this; individuals often look to their housing insurance to obtain this
  • Deposit – This is requested for all rentals and the amount is determined based on the actual space and the length of the rental. The deposit is due at the time the contract is signed.
  • Payment – Checks are the preferred method of payment; payment may be requested in one lump sum or broken into two payments depending on the amount of lead time prior to the event. Complete payment is due no later than one month prior to the event.
  • Parking – There is a cost to park on campus 24/7; parking costs can be included in your contract for your participants, or paid for individually at the various parking pay stations on campus (M-F, 0-3.5 hours $5/vehicle; M-F more than 3.5 hours $8/vehicle; SAT & SUN $5/vehicle/day). You’ll need to know your license plate number when you go to the pay station, and In/Out privileges are now part of the parking experience at UW Bothell no matter how payment is handled. 
  • IT/media – Any installed equipment is included in the room rental rate.  If additional equipment or staffing needs exist, these can be handled through UW Bothell, through an outside contractor that you employ, or by bringing your own equipment with you. These options must each stand-alone without mixing up the resources. A cost estimate can be provided by UW Bothell.  *availability regulated by academic needs

Event advertising

Rental of UW Bothell facilities to any non-university organization or individual is conditioned on the user’s agreement to include a statement of UW Bothell’s non-endorsement of the user and the user’s event or activities in all communications, advertisements, or any other printed, electronic, web-based, or broadcast/telecast information related to the event or activities on or in UW Bothell facilities.  All non-endorsement language must be preapproved by the Chair of UW Bothell’s Use of University Facilities Committee (UUF Committee).  The UUF Committee Chair may determine the content, size of print, and placement of non-endorsement language.

A copy of the proposed non-endorsement language must be submitted to the contract Program Manager (commrel@uw.edu) at least one month prior to the event.  Note that, as indicated above, no event communications, advertising, marketing, etc., may be published prior to the UUF Committee Chair’s approval.

The Program Manager will present the proposed non-endorsement language to the UUF Committee Chair for review and comments.  Upon completion of the review process, the Program Manager will share the review with the user, including any required changes to the content, formatting, or placement of the language.

Non-compliance with this condition constitutes a violation of UW Bothell’s regulations, WAC 478-136-030(5), and may result in immediate cancellation of the rental contract.

In addition to the foregoing, users must comply with UW Bothell’s policy on the posting, distributing, or disseminating of materials such as flyers or posters.

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