Classroom & Event Equipment

Available items

The following items are available for use through Event & Conference Services. If you require assistance to transport any of these items, there is a wagon, cart, and dolly available for use. To reserve any of these items, please submit an Events Equipment Check Out Form. Please contact us if you have any questions at

For information on what is available through the ARC, visit the ARC’s webpage.

Flower Arrangements

  • 5 artificial flower arrangements in purple and gold.

Podium Cover

  • A 4’ x 3’5” podium cover that fits the front face of the large podium in Mobius Hall.

Sandwich boards

12 signs are available:

  • 6 – 25” x 46” (A sign that is 24” x 36” can be affixed onto this board using tape)
  • 6 – 25” x 37” (A sign that is 24” x 24” can be affixed onto this board using tape)


  • 12 stanchions are available.
  • Each has a 10’ retractable belt.
  • These can be used to section off space, form tidy lines, or act as a barrier.
  • Please indicate this in the set-up portion of the 25Live request.

Table Runner

  • The Table Runner is 28″ wide, 77″ in length, a royal shade of purple with white trim and white lettering, and works with a variety of tablecloth colors.


  • 49″ x 24″ – With folding removable sides.

Mobile Partitions

  • 2 units. 6′ tall x 13′ wide

Easels and Flip Charts

  • For FTE Classes, please submit a work order here with at least 48 hours notice.
  • For Events, please include this information in your 25Live Request.