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Looking for OrgSync?

We've retired this system. We'll be bringing a new system online as soon as we can and it will be better than ever. However, we promise to update this page as we accquire new information and new resources become available. Contact with any questions or concerns. 

Club Council

Club Council is a resource that serves as consultants for event planning, marketing, and any club-related needs. Club Council members are happy to meet with students in person to support club success.

The Club Handbook (Coming Soon!)

The Club Handbook is an important resource with detailed information about starting or renewing a club, planning an event, marketing resources, relevant policies, and more. 

Officer Orientation & Event Training Calendar

To become a recognized club, two officers must attend Officer Orientation. Additionally, if you are planning on submitting a funding request, two officers (including your financial officer) must attend Event Training. These offerings can be found on Club Council's workshop calendar.

Information For Clubs


In order to access any of our forms, you will need to be logged in to your browser with a Google Suite Enabled NetID account. 

If you can't find a resource that fits your needs, contact us for help! Club Council is supported by the department of Student Engagement & Activities, who has staff advisers that can assist Club Council members with supporting club needs as well.


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