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Presence is here!

Presence is our online club platform. If you are a club officer and have any questions about Presence, please email Club Council at

Club Council

Club Council is a resource that serves as consultants for event planning, marketing, and any club-related needs. Club Council members are happy to meet with students in person to support club success.

The Club Handbook (Coming Soon!)

The Club Handbook is an important resource with detailed information about starting or renewing a club, planning an event, marketing resources, relevant policies, and more. 

Officer Orientation & Event Training Calendar

To become a recognized club, two officers must attend Officer Orientation. Additionally, if you are planning on submitting a funding request, two officers (including your financial officer) must attend Event Training. These offerings can be found on Club Council's Presence page.

Information For Clubs

  • SAF By-laws: states Services and Activities Fee operating manual
  • Club Handbook: details all resources, benefits, and policies for clubs (COMING SOON!)
  • Coming Soon! - Club Council Funding Model 2020-2021: Funding breakdown and definitions for the 2020-2021 academic year
  • How to Create or Renew a Club: explains in detail requirements for creating or renewing a club
  • Constitution Guidelines: helps with clubs creating their own constitutions


In order to access any of our forms, you will need to be logged in to your browser with a Google Suite Enabled NetID account. 

  • Renew Club (You will need to be an officer of your club in Presence)
  • UWB Adviser Form
  • Printing Request (We sadly are not on campus to process any printing requests at this time)
  • Non-ARC Space Request Form
  • ARC Space Request
  • Coming Soon! - Post Event Assessment Form
  • Coming Soon! - Funding Request
    • To have access to this form, you must have attended Club Council Event Training and your club must be recognized.
  • Food Form (PDF)
    • If you are submitting a food form, you will also need to submit a funding request to cover the food expenses.
    • As per Fiscal and Audit Services, food forms are required for any university expense for food, meals, light refreshments, or standard grocery items. If you have any questions or have completed this form, please email to Carla Christensen at 5 weeks before the date of the event.

If you can't find a resource that fits your needs, contact us for help! Club Council is supported by the department of Student Engagement & Activities, who has staff advisers that can assist Club Council members with supporting club needs as well.


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