Billable/Non-Billable Work

Billable and Non-billable

Work Order Requests

Billable Charges

  • Events
  • Housing
  • ARC
  • Leased spaces (Campus View, Husky Hall, UWBB, UWBX)
  • Sports Field
  • Cascadia (Special projects)
  • Schools/Departments (outside routine, corrective, or preventative maintenance)
    • Painting
    • Office moves
    • Custodial cleaning requests that are outside their routine schedule
    • Shelving – remove or install
    • New fixtures, outlets, etc.


  • Repair of windows, shades and existing glass display cases
  • Maintenance of building ventilation, air conditioning, heating systems
  • Maintenance of fire protection / security equipment and alarm systems
  • Repair and maintenance of water, sewer, drainage, and gas utility systems
  • Repair and maintenance of plumbing and water systems, water fountains, emergency eyewash/shower stations, etc.
  • Painting-within public areas, including main entrances, public corridors, stairwells and restrooms, and offices and suites within a scheduled rotation
  • Foundations and structures, roofs, gutters and ceilings
  • Stairways, handrails, and ramps
  • Doors, door hardware, and building entrances
  • Heavy maintenance equipment such as trucks and carts that are University owned
  • Exterior masonry repair, cleaning and repair of roofs, gutters and downspouts
  • Electrical Infrastructure and electrical systems
    • Interior & exterior lighting