UWB Policy on Use of University Facilities

The University of Washington Bothell (UWB) is an educational institution provided and maintained by the people of Washington in order to carry out its broad mission of teaching, research and public service. The purpose of the Use of University Facilities (UUF) policy is to ensure that all facilities operated by the university are reserved primarily for educational use including, but not limited to, instruction, research, public assembly, student activities and recreational activities related to educational use. Further, each facility may be used for a variety of activities, so long as the primary function the facility was intended to serve is protected. Reasonable time, place and manner restrictions may be placed on the use of university facilities.

The Use of University Facilities Committee (UUF Committee) has been appointed to review requests for using the University of Washington Bothell’s facilities when it falls within certain criteria.

When UUF approval is required

  • non-UWB group or individual intends to hold a function at a UWB facility.
  • private or commercial organization wishes to sponsor or be involved with an activity at a UWB facility.
  • A university community member intends to hold a function at a UWB facility that is open to the general public or invited off-campus guests.
  • University of Washington Bothell community member (current student, staff, or faculty) intends to hold a function (independent of any student group, department or administrative unit) at a UWB facility.
  • An organization would like to hold a partisan political activity at a UWB facility.
  • Outdoor events with amplification.
  • university community member intends to use the airspace over the campus for airborne vehicles such as fixed wing drones, rotary drones, and model aircraft.

Those eligible to use UWB facilities

  • Duly elected or hired students of the Associated Students of the University of Washington Bothell (ASUWB)
  • Officers of currently registered student organizations (RSOs)
  • UW departments or administrative units
  • Individual UWB students, faculty, staff, or alumni (not associated with a department, school, student organization)
  • Non-University individuals and organizations may also rent facilities as long as the use of the facilities is consistent with the regulations outlined in WAC 478-136-030

What is a UWB Facility?

A UW facility is defined as an on-campus space or an off-site location that is owned by the University of Washington.

What is NOT a UWB Facility?

Any space leased by the University in an off-campus building does not qualify as a university facility (e.g., UW Beardslee Crossing, UW Beardslee Building).

Obtain UUF Sponsorship

It is the applicant’s responsibility to contact a University of Washington Bothell department, school, or administrative unit to discuss and obtain event/UUF sponsorship. The name, UW Department, and UW email address of the designated UUF sponsor is required. An appropriate sponsor should be a dean, director, or administrator, or higher, from a UWB department, school, or administrative unit.

For additional information and guidelines for obtaining sponsorship from an appropriate sponsor, please visit this page.

Timeliness matters/Deadlines

The UUF Committee requires that the UUF Form be submitted AT LEAST three (3) weeks prior to event date. Any requests submitted after that date may not be fully processed or approved in time for the event jeopardizing the viability of the event.

Limitations on use

  • UWB will not make its facilities or services available to organizations that do not assure the UWB that they will comply with the terms of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA, 42 U.S.C. 12132) or the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (RA, 29 U.S.C. 794). Uses must not impose restrictions nor alter facilities in a manner that would violate the ADA or RA.
  • Freedom of expression is a highly valued and indispensable quality of university life. However, UWB facilities may not be used in ways that obstruct or disrupt university operations, the freedom of movement, or any ways that are considered unlawful.
  • UWB will not make its facilities or services available to organizations which do not assure the UWB that they do not discriminate against any person because of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, handicap or status as a Vietnam era or disabled veteran, except where such organizations have been exempted from provisions of applicable state or federal law or regulations.
  • The Commons area was designed to be used as a space for students to meet, study, eat and relax. For this reason, we are unable to schedule the Commons for special lectures or events from Monday to Friday from 8AM – 4PM. We welcome events that are all inclusive and do not require cordoning off the area.
  • UWB facilities may be used for events and forums regarding ballot propositions and/or candidates who have filed for public office when the event has received preliminary approval by the director of an administrative or academic unit and final approval by the UWB UUF Committee or designee. There are, however, certain limitations on the use of UWB facilities for these political activities as outlined in WAC 478-136-030.
  • UWB facilities may not be used for private or commercial purposes such as sales, advertising, charitable solicitations (excluding the annual University sponsored Combined Fund Drive), or promotional activities unless such activities serve an educational purpose as determined by the UWB UUF Committee.
  • UWB will not make its facilities available for instructional or related purposes that compete with courses or programs offered by the UW Bothell, UW Seattle, and UW Tacoma. When permission is granted to use UWB facilities for approved instructional or related purposes, as a condition of approval, the user of UWB facilities agrees to include non-endorsement statements in all materials in the form approved by the UWB UUF Committee. “Materials” includes all communications, advertisement, and any other printed, electronic, or broadcast/telecast information related to the user’s activities offered in UWB facilities.
  • Electronic amplification on the grounds of the UWB campus is prohibited with the following exceptions:
    • Within the confines of an enclosed building or room.
    • Under special circumstances, when approved in advance by the UUF Committee.
  • No person may use UWB facilities to camp on the grounds of UWB. “Camp” means to remain overnight; to erect a tent or other shelter; or to use sleeping equipment, a vehicle or trailer camper for purpose of or in such ways as will permit remaining overnight. This provision does not preclude the use of facilities where an employee remains overnight to fulfill the responsibilities of his or her position, or where a student remains overnight to fulfill the requirements of his or her course of study or research. Violators are subject to arrest and criminal prosecution under applicable state, county and city laws.
  • UWB is committed to maintaining a safe and healthful environment for all faculty, staff, students and visitors. Accordingly, UWB has established and will enforce:
    • A smoking policy to protect nonsmokers from exposure to smoke in their university-associated environments and to protect life and property against fire hazards.
    • Maximum occupancy capacities for rooms, buildings or structures.
    • A policy for use of alcoholic beverages on the campus.
  • UWB is not equipped or staffed to provide the amenities normally associated with hotels, conference centers or other venues that specialize in providing space and support for meetings, conferences, seminars, and events for the general public. Consequently, approval to use UWB facilities does not construe that non-university users or event attendees will have access to use of university telephones, fax or copy machines, or other equipment or facilities not agreed to be provided in advance of the event, or to the provision of catering, messaging, secretarial, copying, errand running or similar services. In addition, UWB will provide no facilities or equipment that were not approved in advance of the event (e.g., requests received on the day-of facility use will not be honored).
  • Authorized users may be permitted to serve food and/or beverages in conjunction with events held in UWB facilities. UWB has limited on-campus catering options. Requests for use of UWB facilities that include a request to serve alcoholic beverages in conjunction with the event will only be approved and permitted when the conditions specified in the UWB Alcohol Policy are met.
  • UWB is committed to maintaining a neat and orderly appearance and minimizing damage to walls and finished surfaces throughout the campus. Accordingly, UWB will enforce a strict no taping or tacking policy for the posting of items such as posters, flyers, temporary directional signs, advertisements, and announcements. All such items are restricted to display on easels or on designated posting/bulletin boards. The date of posting must be indicated on the items. Personnel from UWB Physical Plant and/or Security will remove items posted on walls, wood trim, doors, windows and painted or soundproof surfaces in violation of this policy.
  • Do not advertise any event until you have received event approval.

Safety & liability

  • It is the responsibility of any person or organization requesting the use of UWB facilities to comply with all applicable UW Bothell policies, procedures, and regulations. The approved terms permitting use of UWB facilities and any conditions that may be imposed by the UUF Committee in granting such permission. Local, state and federal laws, ordinances, rules and regulations, including but not limited to fire, health, safety, noise and alcohol use.
  • When a non-university organization or individual or a registered or official student organization is approved to use UWB facilities, the permission is granted with the express understanding and condition that the organization or individual assumes full responsibility for any loss, damage, or claims arising out of such use. When the event involves physical activity, or proposed use will otherwise increase the risk of bodily injury above the level normally inherent in the facilities to be used, proof of appropriate liability insurance coverage with limits of at least $1,000,000 per occurrence must be provided to the UUF Committee before approval of the requested use will be granted.
  • Do not add furniture from other areas or rooms. Each room is configured per fire code requirements for maximum seating capacity and additional furniture is prohibited. If you require the movement of existing furniture, you must contact Event & Conference Services. Only Facilities Services staff are allowed to move furniture.

Rental & other facility/equipment use fees & deposits

UWB receives funding from the state only for the teaching component of its mission (including essential maintenance and support services). This funding does not provide for direct (e.g., staff time for set-up or installing/operating equipment) or indirect (e.g., staff time for consulting or coordination; wear and tear of furnishings) costs associated with using UWB facilities for any other purpose. In addition, an article of the state constitution specifically states: “The credit of the state shall not, in any manner be given or loaned to, or in aid of, any individual, association, company or corporation.”

  • Rental and other facility/equipment use fees must be assessed by UWB in order to make its facilities or equipment available for any use other than the following:
    1. Academic instruction that generates student FTE credit for UWB.
    2. Performance of research.
    3. Academic, administrative or student meetings necessary to run the institution.
    4. Guest speakers, lecturers and artists invited to speak at UWB, including presentations to which the general public may be invited, when the facility or classroom requested for use can be used “as is” (i.e., no special room/area configuration, furnishings, equipment, equipment operator, or other services are required).
  • Rental and other facility/equipment use fees must also be assessed when one or more of the following circumstances are applicable to any requested use of facilities:
    1. The authorized user is a non-university organization or individual.
    2. A fee, other than tuition or a mandatory fee collected as a part of tuition, will be charged to those participating in the event (whether by UWB or by any other university or non-university organization).
    3. The purpose of the event is fundraising.
    4. The purpose of the event is to promote a non-university organization, a commercial activity, or a charitable solicitation (excluding the annual University sponsored Combined Fund Drive).
  • Fees that will be assessed when applicable under this policy include:
    1. Rental. Use of a UWB facility or classroom.
    2. Equipment. Use of university owned equipment, including media equipment, provided by UWB that is not included in the normal configuration of the facility or classroom requested for use, and any staff time required to install or operate the equipment. Use of privately acquired/provided equipment is permitted, subject to prior to event approval of the UWB Event & Conference Services.
    3. Other Support. Staff time and materials required for any unique services provided by UWB. Examples (not all-inclusive) are: set-up for special room configuration or furnishing requirements; arrangements for serving of food and/or beverages or post-serving clean-up; special electrical, staging or transportation requirements; and safety/security requirements.
    4. Cancellation. Cancellation fees vary based on the criteria stated under the “Event rate structure” page.
    5. Damage Deposits. As determined by the UWB Event & Conference Services, damage deposits may be required from non-university organizations or individuals prior to conduct of an approved event.
    6. Guest/visitor parking permits for “the day of” event.
  • Except for cancellations, when the authorized user is staff, faculty, or a registered student organization, fees assessed will only be to recover costs incurred by UWB (both direct and indirect). For non-university users, fees more reflective of market rates for use of comparable facilities or equipment will be assessed, but in no case will the fees be less than costs incurred by UWB.