Undergraduate Learning Goals


UW Bothell recently adopted five overarching goals for student learning experiences across the undergraduate curriculum. Developed by the UW Bothell faculty, the new Undergraduate Learning Goals reflect the campus's core values and draw on national research on best practices in undergraduate education. The goals affirm UW Bothell’s commitment to transformational education, engaged scholarship, and inclusive culture. They provide a foundation for ongoing initiatives to shape, assess, and enhance teaching and learning at UW Bothell.

Undergraduate Learning Goals

Approved June 1, 2012

  I. Knowledge of academic and professional theories, practices, and identities within disciplinary and interdisciplinary fields of study

 II. Understanding of diversity in cultures, identities, backgrounds, and experiences among individuals and groups

III. Critical analysis of information from multiple perspectives including intercultural, global, and ecological

IV. Ethical reasoning in application to self, occupation, citizenship, and society

 V. Proficiency in:

  • Communication including writing, speaking, and fluency in a range of media and genres
  • Information and technology literacy
  • Quantitative and qualitative reasoning
  • Creative thinking and problem solving
  • Collaboration and leadership