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Accessing File Server from a Non-UWB Network on a PC

This is a quick guide to using the UWB File Server using Windows 7. This guide is primarily intended for connecting from personally-owned computers or for connecting from off-campus.

Access the File Server

Web browser: You can enter custom URLs (below) to access your files for simple download (you can't save to this location, though)

Map a Network Drive: You can save a link to the webfolder on your computer in order to access it like a regular folder (Instructions below)

Types of server space

Departmental - space for faculty/staff to share files within programs or departments

Access via

Faculty/Staff - space for faculty/staff to store indvidual files

Access by copying[your_UWB_username]; add your UWB user name after you've pasted the link into your browser. For example,

Access via In the user name and password prompt that appears, field, type in netid\username for user name (for example, netid\asailer), then enter your NetID password.

How to Map a Network Drive

Open Windows Explorer by clicking your “Computer” icon, either from the Desktop or the Start Menu. Click the “Map network drive” button.



The “Map Network Drive” dialogue window will appear. Select the drive letter that you would like to use, and enter the URL to the network share that you would like to map to that drive letter. The example below shows a departmental share--but you can enter the address for faculty/staff or the students share as well (listed at the top of this page).



Click the “Finish” button and you should see a Windows Security dialogue window prompting you for credentials. Enter your UWB domain email address and your password to access deparmental or faculty/staff file space. For student space, enter netid\username and your NetID password.



You should now be able to see the network drives that you have just mapped by clicking on "my computer".


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