Rebecca Brown publishes Not Heaven, Somewhere Else, a cycle of stories


IAS Senior Artist-in-Residence Rebecca Brown's new book of stories, Not Heaven, Somewhere Else, a cycle of stories was published by Tarpaulin Sky Press in October. The book has been reviewed in The Seattle Review of Books and The Stranger. From The Seattle Review of Books:

"Rebecca Brown is the smartest writer in Seattle. Intelligence is not a competition, of course, and there are many different kinds of intelligence, but even with that understanding I still feel comfortable with the statement i’m making in first sentence of this paragraph. In this city, at this moment, she is the fittingest example of hyperbolic words that reviewers and blurbers tend to overuse when describing authorial talent — brilliant, genius, unparalleled."

Rebecca went on a 4 state reading tour, including the events listed below:

  • Smoke Farm Symposium (Washington)
  • Seattle Lit Crawl with Richard Chiem and JM Miller (Hugo House, Seattle)
  • Pistil Books 25 year Anniversary Party and Reading with Stacey Levine
  • Elliot Bay Bookstore with Jennifer Borges Foster (Seattle, WA)
  • CalArts (Valencia, CA)
  • Mother Foucault Books with Kevin Sampsell and Kate Carroll De Gutes ( Portland, OR)
  • Writer’s Harvest Reading (Colorado State University)

The following three events are upcoming at the time of this post:

  • Dec 14: St Joseph Church Parish Center, 723 18th Ave E, Seattle, w/ Mark Petterson, Suzanne Morrison & Fr John Whitney, SJ, 7 PM  
  • Jan 14: University of Denver, Denver
  • January 24:  San Francisco Public Library with Mattilda Sycamore Bernstein

Brown's other recent publications include: