Learning Goals

Undergraduate Business Administration Learning Goals

  • Critical Thinking and Analysis
    • Students will develop a critical and analytical approach to formulating sound business decisions. 
  • Ethical Reasoning 
    • Students will develop the ability to employ ethical reasoning when engaging in business decision-making.
  • Written and Oral Communication
    • Students will develop the necessary skills to be effective communicators, both in writing and orally.
  • Business knowledge
    • Students will develop the knowledge and skills that are necessary for success in a business career.
    • Financial Information. Apply principles of financial analysis to assess a firm’s performance, financing options, investment choices, and risk and return of investments.
    • Economic Principles. Apply principles of economic analysis to model and solve management problems.
    • Quantitative Methods. Use quantitative methods to model management problems.
    • Behavioral Theories. Apply behavioral theories to understand the management of individuals and organizations.
    • Social Theories. Apply social theories to understand the management of individuals and organizations.
    • Value Creation. Understand the management and measurement of value creation processes within the organization and allocation of the created value across owners, other investors, and stakeholders.