Elena Menagarishvili

Elena Menagarishvili

Senior Manager at Andersen

As a Senior Manager at Andersen, I do valuation of enterprises and partial interests (for financial reporting and tax compliance purposes). I specialize and mostly enjoy projects related to valuation of complex financial securities (convertible debt, warrants with performance-based vesting, etc.). I also worked as Adjunct Instructor at Seattle University and taught a “Financial Modeling” class. 

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Elena on mentorship

I love to teach, explain and share knowledge. By doing this, I feel how I create value (and this is important for me as a valuation specialist). I am trying to be brief and to the point (this way I create maximum value per unit of time).

Specialty topics

  • Business Valuation: I can tell you about potential career paths in this area, what projects we do, how your work day will look like
  • Starting your career: people have various fears when they start their first job, will be happy to discuss these challenges and give advice from my personal experience
  • Any technical skills that you may need: Excel and modeling, Business Valuation models, Lattice Model, Monte Carlo Simulation


Favorite books and learning resources

  • Book "The Great Debate": Edmund Burke, Thomas Paine, and the Birth of Right and Left
  • Web-course "Justice" by Michael Sandel (Harvard course, one of the greatest things I have ever watched!)


Fun facts

Know nothing about sports, so it is extremely hard for me to keep small talks with people during the season :)