Albert Chan

Director – North America Small Business Group at Meta

Albert possesses nearly two decades of professional experience in roles that encompass brand and business development, as well as personnel management. His career has spanned notable organizations such as Procter & Gamble, Google, an AI startup, and Meta. Among his most cherished experiences are the opportunities he has had to mentor and guide individuals within these companies. Early in his career at P&G, he was fortunate to have been mentored by Mr. Brad Kho, whose invaluable guidance equipped him with the foundational skills that have propelled him to his current standing. For the last 18 years, he has earnestly focused on the management and mentorship of emerging leaders. He serves as both a guiding figure to help them overcome professional obstacles, and as a consultative resource for new ideas they wish to explore.

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Albert on mentorship

I have a fervent passion for mentoring, teaching, and coaching, and I am convinced that participation in the Mentorship EDGE program would be mutually beneficial. I am committed to providing substantive value to mentees while also fulfilling my own desire to continually give back to the next generation of leaders.

Specialty topics

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • People Management
  • Technology/AI
  • Resume/Interviewing

Favorite books and learning resources

Anything by Professor Arthur C Brooks. Professor Brooks is a Harvard professor and Albert had the privilege of attending a few of his lectures. He specializes in Happiness, and the science behind it. This has profoundly changed Albert’s view on life and success.

Fun facts

Albert writes a newsletter called AI in 5.