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Erika Springer

Erika Springer

Marketing Automation Systems Specialist

Erika is a data-driven marketing leader with a passion for optimizing system processes. She has a wide range of professional experience across marketing, sales and operations. She is an alumnus of University of Washington Bothell where she earned her Bachelor in Business Administration Degree with a focus in Marketing. She is excited about the emergence of new technology and finding ways to implement them into her day to day. Recently, she enrolled in University of Washington’s Data Visualization Certificate program to become more proficient in Data Analytics practices. She is currently working as a Marketing Automation Systems Specialist at Tableau.

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Erika on mentorship

Mentorship has always been important to me. My first exposure to mentorship was in a coach capacity, teaching kids how to play tennis and then going on to coach volleyball at my alma mater, Woodinville High School. While attending UW Bothell, I had the opportunity to serve as the head of the BOLD organization’s Marketing team, which stands for Business and Organizational Leadership Development. During this time, I interfaced with faculty and C-suite executives of local companies to transform the lives of students, bringing them into real world and professional experiences. This organization gave me confidence in myself as a student and aspiring professional while connecting me with an internship at Simplicity Consulting that paved my way forward. Now graduated and finding purpose in my career, I enjoy mentoring students from high school to early on career professionals by providing tips on interviewing, networking and building confidence in yourself.

Some topics I’m excited to mentor students in include:

I’m excited to mentor students in how to be a self-starter. This is one of the top qualities I look for in qualified candidates and is a quality that can be easily developed in college and applied in the world of work. I’m also excited to mentor students in preparing for interviews. At first, interviewing for a position can be intimidating, but with practice and a few simple tips, you’ll feel ready and have fun!

Favorite book

  • Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead by Sheryl Sandberg