Workshops with Academic Success Coaching

Do you want to learn how to successfully manage your time, motivate yourself, combat testing anxiety, how to speak to your professors, and more? We are here to help with a series of quarterly workshops!

Workshops are hosted in-person and virtually!

In Person:

  • Please arrive to the classroom 5 minutes before the session begins. We will follow UW COVID-19 policies (if there is a need for social distance, face coverings, etc) for in-person interactions.


  • At the time of the workshop, click on the event link associated with the specific workshop and you can join the event through a Zoom link

If you have any questions, please email

Archived Workshops:

Communicating with Professors

We assist students in brainstorming effective and professional ways to communicate their questions, concerns, and interests with their professors in person, during office hours, and through email. Additionally, we guide students in learning how to build long lasting relationships of trust with their professors.

Workshop Slides: Communicating with Professors Workshop

Resources: Communicating with Professors Tips

Time Management

Academic success coaches assist students in developing their hourly, daily, weekly, quarter, and yearly calendars and schedules with specific and attainable time blocks with academic, professional, and personal goals and tasks listed. We assist students in brainstorming what tasks they need to prioritize and guide students in organizing their assignments and responsibilities.

Workshop Slides: Time Management Tips Workshop

Resources: Time Management Tips

Goal Setting and Motivation

We guide students through concept mapping, vision boarding, and long/short-term goal setting. We ask students to uncover their “why.” Why are they at an institution of higher learning? Why are they seeking a higher education degree and more opportunities? Knowing their “why” can assist students in recognizing what motivates them and keeps them going. Students learn how to break down their bigger goals into smaller tasks.

Workshop Slides: Goal Setting Tips Workshop

Resources: Goal Setting Tips

Learning Strategies

We share with students studying skills, meaningful learning, diverse learning styles, and the impact of various learning environments.

Workshop Slides: Learning Tips Workshop

Resources: Learning Tips


Students learn how about multiple forms of note-taking, efficient listening, and ways to organize information learned. Additionally, students learn about retention and critical application of knowledge learned.

Workshop Slides: Note Taking Tips Workshop

Resources: Note Taking Tips


Students learn how to best prepare for and study for exams while learning how to overcome test anxiety.

Workshop Slides: Test Taking Tips Workshop

Resources: Test Taking Tips

Resources for Students

ASC Student Support Resources

Priority Tasks Template

Weekly Hourly Planner Template

Weekly Planner Goals & Priorities Template

SMART Goals Fillable PDF

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