About the WaCC

The Writing and Communication Center (WaCC) supports the University of Washington Bothell’s campus-wide culture of writing and communication by working with students of all abilities, at any stage of the reading, writing, or presentation process:

  • Our goal is to help you become a stronger, effective, more confident writer and communicator.
  • Direct assistance to UW Bothell students, through individual conferences, group workshops, and online support.
  • Support to faculty through individual consultation, curriculum development and collaborative teaching.
  • Contributions to the scholarship on writing and communication pedagogy through programmatic research and collaboration with other educational institutions.

Diversity, equity & inclusion

We honor the myriad of diverse backgrounds and experiences students come from and aim to provide culturally responsive academic coaching that is continuously learning from the issues underrepresented students and communities encounter. We acknowledge there are many different ways to define and achieve student success.