About the Academic Learning Commons

About us

Our programs support student’s academic success with free tutoring and coaching services to UW Bothell students. Have questions or comments you want to share? Click here for our contact information and comments & suggestions form.

We honor the myriad of diverse backgrounds and experiences students come from and aim to provide culturally responsive academic coaching that is continuously learning from the issues underrepresented students and communities’ encounter. We acknowledge there are many different ways to define and achieve student success.

Academic Success Coaching

Academic Success Coaches (ASC) guide students towards academic success when assisting students in developing and achieving their short term and long term academic, professional, and personal goals.

ASC Zoom Room cvieyra7

Quantitative Skills & Reasoning

The Quantitative Skills & Reasoning (QSC) team aims to help students develop skills and confidence with quantitative reasoning through peer tutoring. The center is open to anyone wanting support with a quantitative question for a class.

QSC Zoom Room 968-4409-2376

Writing & Communications

The Writing and Communication Center (WaCC) supports the University of Washington Bothell’s campus-wide culture of writing and communication by working with students of all abilities, at any stage of the reading, writing, or presentation process.

WaCC Zoom Room 950-4384-1461