Need to brush up on math or statistics?

The links below contain refreshers in the form of instructional videos, websites, reference sheets, written instructions, and practice problems.

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Online Math Tutorials

  • Khan Academy: The go-to learning supplement for a wide variety of quantitative subjects. Enjoy free access to video lessons arithmetic to calculus to linear algebra
  • edX Courses from Stanford: A database of algebra refresher courses
  • YouCubed: a website created by the same instructor that aims to inspire math success for all students through growth mindsets and innovative teaching
  • Basic Math Tutorials: Four tutorials created by Dr. Jackels are available here. The topics include: scientific notation, substitution, logarithms, and unit conversions. A great resource for a quick refresher on these topics
  • College Algebra Online Tutorials: The staff at the West Texas A&M University’s Virtual Math Lab have done a fine job creating a series of online algebra tutorials for students and anyone else who might be returning to the world of algebra
  • Paul’s Online Math Notes: Tutorials created by Paul Dawkins from Lamar University. They include notes on Algebra, Calculus, Linear Algebra and Differential Equations as well as some common math errors and how to study math
  • TI-84 Calculator Tutorial: How to use most functions on the TI-84, for both beginning and advanced users

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Math-Related Websites

  • American Mathematical Society: A repository of mathematics research and connections to the global mathematics community
  • BrainBashers: Full of fun and challenging math puzzles, brain teasers, and games
  • Conversions Online: One stop for all your conversion needs
  • Cut-the-Knot: Many tutorials on intro subjects plus a wealth of math puzzlers
  • “Figure This!”: Full of great math challenges & puzzles
  • KenKen: Mathematical puzzle
  • Khan Academy: An extensive archive of instructional videos covering chemistry, physics, finance, statistics and computer science, in addition to general math topics
  • Mathematical Association of America: A community of American mathematicians
  • PBS Learning: Information and tutorials on high school algebra, as well as some math games and math vocabulary
  • S.O.S. Mathematics: Short and easy-to-understand explanations of thousands of math topics

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Learning and Math Anxiety

  • Learning Styles: This Learning Style questionnaire can help you decide what kind of “learner” you are and how you can maximize your learning.
  • Reducing Math Anxiety: This website includes tips on how to reduce your math anxiety.

Statistics Refreshers

Statistics Videos

YouTube channel on statistics by UW Bothell professor Dr. Collins

Building a base: Stats and Math

Building a base: Intro to stats

Descriptive stats: basic descriptives

Descriptive stats: central tendency

Descriptive stats: dispersion

Descriptive stats: normal distribution

Inferential stats: introduction & sampling

Inferential stats: confidence intervals

Inferential stats: introduction to hypothesis testing

Inferential stats: single-sample case

Inferential stats: paired-sample case

Inferential stats: independent-samples case

Inferential stats: ANOVA

Inferential stats: chi-squared

Bivariate analysis: nominal & ordinal measures

Bivariate analysis: regression & correlation

Statistics with Excel Videos

Basic descriptives

Charts and graphs

Central tendency and dispersion

Statistics and Probability Websites

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