Faculty support

Faculty support

The Writing and Communication Center also offers services for faculty. Erik Echols consults faculty on how to integrate writing and communication practices into their courses and assignments. The Writing and Communication Center staff is available to introduce our services to your students. We also offer in-class workshops that integrate course materials with any phase of the reading, writing and communication process. If you are teaching a writing-centered class, consider adding a statement to your syllabus that encourages your students to use Writing and Communication Center services. Please feel free to share assignments with us for student feedback or to inform tutoring sessions.

Syllabus statement

Consider adding a statement to your syllabus that encourages your students to use Writing and Communication Center services. Feel free to copy and paste or customize this statement:

"The Writing and Communication Center (WaCC) offers free tutoring on any project that involves reading, writing, and/or communication, including papers, presentations, creative work, and reading assignments. WaCC Peer Consultants work with students in person, over the phone and via email. Visit www.uwb.edu/wacc to learn more and make appointments. The WaCC is located in UW2-030."


Erik Echols works with faculty to integrate writing and communication practices into courses and assignments. Karen works with instructors to address questions such as:

  • How can faculty best integrate writing and communication goals into overall course design?
  • How can faculty best design assignments to meet course writing and communication goals?

  • How can faculty design assignments that can be assessed efficiently?

  • How can faculty use “low stakes” writing to enhance student learning?

Email Erik at eechols@uw.edu with questions and/or to set up a time to meet.

Assignment review

We can share assignments with our peer consultants for two distinct purposes:

  1. To have peer consultants read the assignment from a student's perspective and provide feedback on how they understand the assignment guidelines. Faculty can then use this information to revise the assignment instructions if necessary;

  2. To familiarize the peer consultants with the assignment guidelines as well as how they can best support students in completing the assignment. Instructors can tailor the support students receive by sharing additional information about the assignment and how it fits into overall course goals.

To share assignments for either purpose, send an email to WaCC Assistant Director Erik Echols at eechols@uw.edu

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