Zoom instructions

Downloading & using Zoom

Shortly before the conference is scheduled to start, we’ll send you an invitation through email. Once you’ve received the email, click the link to join the conference. Your browser should open to the Zoom site and the application should automatically start downloading and installing. If it doesn’t, click here to download the Zoom application.

If you do not recieve an email before your conference, log into WCO, select your appointment and scroll to the last box in your appointment. Your link to join the conference will be in the box; copy and paste it into the URL bar to join the conference.

After installation is finished, the application should open. Please click Join Audio Conference by Computer.

Make sure you have your assignment open on your computer before your conference, then click on Share Screen at the bottom of the window.

If you don’t see it, you may need to move your mouse to the bottom of the window, and a bar should pop up with the button on it.

Once you click it, a window should open to display the windows open on your computer. Select Desktop 1, then click on Share Screen at the bottom right of the window.

Your conference can now begin.

Thanks for using our video conferencing service! If anything in this guide is unclear, please let us know. If you have other technical issues, please consult the Zoom Support Guide. We appreciate your patience as we work on making these instructions as clear as possible.