Student Testimonials

Our goal is to help students become stronger, more confident writers and communicators. Here’s what students are saying about their experience in the WaCC. Share your feedback here.

“Superb experience. They helped me focus my writing and create a powerful thesis statement. They will not help you simply edit your paper. [They will help you] create a powerful piece of work that you will be proud to call your own.”

“She helped me not only improve my paper, but also my writing!”

“It is extremely helpful for international students who need help with their papers.”

“I had an amazing experience in the Writing and Communication Center. The conference made me feel more confident about writing essays. Thank you for the professional service and friendly attitude!”

“I got more help in an hour with [my tutor] than a week of working on my own.”

“I gained a lot of feedback about my short story. I know my strong points and my weak points.”

“My consultant was approachable and open so I was able to talk to him comfortably.”

“The consultants are knowledgeable and helpful not only about grammar but also about cover letters and resumes.”

“Shana was really helpful and showed me resources to improve my writing, not just for the specific assignment. She helped me to understand the assignment in ways that I otherwise would not have been able to.”

“Helped me articulate my ideas on paper. Showed me ways on how I can be more confident in my writing & improve as a writer.”

“I was very rusty and Erik showed me how to relax and overcome writer’s block. He helped show me rules and formulas that were very effective in my success.”