Equipment Checkout

Equipment for Faculty Use

If you would like to check out any of the equipment below, email us at and let us know the date and time you plan to check the equipment out of the Center. We have: the Flatland movie, Graphing calculators, Viewscreen calculator sets, a molecular model set, a Van de Graaff generator, a Lenz’s Law demonstration, and a Gaussian gun. Scroll down for instructions on how to checkout the equipment, and for our policy.

Detailed Description of Resources

Flatland: A Journey of Many Dimensions: The movie is based on Edwin A. Abbott’s classic novel Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions. It is an animated story set in a two-dimensional world that challenges assumptions about reality. The movie can also be analyzed from equity, social justice, and many other perspectives.

Graphing & Scientific calculators: TI-83s, TI-84s, TI-30X IIs, and TI-BA IIs

Viewscreen Calculator Set: A viewscreen is connected to a special graphing calculator, and is set on an overhead projector to display the calculator screen to the class. Let us know in the email if you require a brief demonstration.

Mega Molecules Advanced Chemistry Molecular Model Set: Contains 150 pieces with VSEPR models.

Lenz’s Law Demonstration: Includes an acrylic and metal tube, a spring scale, magnetic film, and two, solid disks of the same mass: one a magnet and the other a non-magnetic metal. Let us know in the email if you require a brief demonstration.

Gaussian Gun: Contains neodymium magnets and steel balls to demonstrate projectile motion, and conservation of energy and momentum. Let us know in the email if you require a brief demonstration.

How to check out equipment

Faculty must present current UWB ID and sign an “Appropriate Use Statement,” assuming responsibility for replacing the item if it is not returned. To see the full check-out policy, see below.

QSC Equipment Checkout Appropriate Use Statement

“I assume all financial responsibility for equipment checked out to me in the event of loss, theft, or damage by negligence. I will not loan the equipment to another person. I will return all equipment in good condition and I will report any and all damage upon return of equipment. I will return all equipment at the date and time stated at the back of this sheet. I understand that the QSC will attempt to notify me when the equipment checked out to me is overdue, but that ultimately it is my responsibility to return it on time. I understand that I must return the equipment or replace it with a comparable item of equal or greater utility to the QSC, new and in sealed packaging, with proof of original purchase. The QSC will not accept used equipment in place of their own.”

Note: Equipment will not be checked in without all included extraneous pieces. For example, headphones will not be checked in without the case.