Fire – Emergency Guide

What is the situation?

You see flames or smoke in your office or hear your building alarm go off.

What should I do?

If you discover a fire

· Activate the nearest pull station and alert others to exit the building

· Call 911.

· If it is a small fire (no larger than a wastebasket) and you have called for help, you can attempt to put it out. If the fire is too large or you are uncomfortable or unfamiliar with the proper use of a fire extinguisher, simply close the door and evacuate.

· Safety wardens or another responsible party needs to confirm that all occupants are notified.

If you hear a building alarm

· When an alarm sounds on your floor or area, begin immediate evacuation following your plan (see Building Evacuation Plan). Close doors behind you.

· Evacuate via the nearest stairwell or level exit. Do not block exit doors or attempt to prop them open. Doors must remain closed to keep smoke out and keep them safe for evacuation and fire personnel. Leaving doors open makes the stairwells dangerous and unusable.

· Go to your designated Evacuation Assembly Point (EAP). Immediately report to your designated Emergency Evacuation Warden so that you have been accounted for by the warden.

If there is no safe exit

· Put a towel or other material under the door to prevent smoke from entering the room.

· If a door handle is hot to the touch, do not open the door.

· If you are trapped by smoke, stay low, cover your mouth with a wet cloth, stay near a window, open it but do not break it. Hang something out the window to let fire personnel know you are there. Call 911 if possible.