Campus Resource Officer

Bobby Buendia, a commissioned officer from the Bothell Police Department (BPD), began serving UW Bothell and Cascadia as a campus resource officer on January 18, 2018. Officer Buendia will respond and/or patrol all properties owned, leased, or otherwise occupied by the University of Washington Bothell or Cascadia College.

Officer Buendia has been in law enforcement for over 27 years. He began his law enforcement career with the Honolulu Police Department where he began as a patrol officer and worked his way to becoming a lead detective coordinating undercover narcotics investigations. Since his arrival to Bothell in 1999, Officer Buendia was a juvenile detective from 2001-2010 where he lead the Juvenile Intervention Program.

In 2012, with assistance from two other senior officers, Officer Buendia founded the Bothell Police Peer Support Team assisting with writing the policy for the team and implementing training for team members and quarterly patrol in-service training.

Officer Buendia graduated from the Honolulu Police Academy and successfully completed the following courses during his tenure:

  • Drug Enforcement Agency Training
  • Federal Bureau of Investigations Training
  • Washington CJTC Equivalency Academy
  • Investigations/Homicide Training
  • Basic and Advanced interview techniques
  • Child Interview Basic/Advanced
  • Internal Investigations
  • Intelligence Training
  • Background Investigations
  • Arson Investigation
  • Officer Involved Shooting
  • Bullet Trajectory/Shooting Reconstruction
  • Leads Online User
  • Lojack Coordinator
  • Field Training Officer School
  • Individual in Crisis training
  • Crisis Intervention Training