Campus Resource Officer

Duane Lafavers

Duane LaFavers, a commissioned officer from the Bothell Police Department (BPD), began serving UW Bothell and Cascadia as a campus resource officer on May 20, 2022.  Officer LaFavers will respond and/or patrol all properties owned, leased, or otherwise occupied by the University of Washington Bothell or Cascadia College. 


Officer LaFavers has been in law enforcement for approximately 8 years. He began his law enforcement career with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and worked in both Pacific and West LA divisions as a Patrol Officer . Since his arrival to Bothell in 2019, Officer LaFavers has acted as a Field Training Officer (FTO) and a Master Police Officer (MPO).  


Officer LaFavers graduated from the LAPD Police Academy and successfully completed the following courses during his tenure: 

  • Washington CJTC Equivalency Academy 
  • Washington CJTC First Level Supervision                
  • Basic and Advanced interview techniques          
  • Background Investigations                                
  • Leads Online User                                             
  • Field Training Officer School                             
  • Crisis Intervention Training