Incident Report Intake Process

Campus Safety Incident Report Intake Process

  • We take every incident/complaints seriously & investigate accordingly to support a safe and inclusive campus
  • When information are received they are triaged based on the level of emergent need. This triage includes a set of questions asked by either the dispatcher or investigating officer.
Incident reported via phone, in person or via an officer reporting a concernDispatch logs incident and assigns to officer to respond & investigate & may escalate to a supervisor as neededOfficer responds, investigates and completes reportReport is reviewed by a supervisor; all incidents are published on 60-day crime log/website with incident type, incident number, date/time, location & disposition

When Should an Incident Report Be Written?

An officer prepares an incident report to document significant and/or unusual events or emergencies involving individuals who receive services and/or support.


Criminal offenses – Personal injury – Vehicle collisions – Any incident involving the police or fire department


Incidents that are unusual in nature are generally classified as Informational or Suspicious Circumstances.


Have you seen a Campus Safety team member making a difference? Share your insight through a Comment Form, in person, by telephone or by contacting us via mail or email.

Send your letter to:

Director of Campus Safety
85321 Campus Way NE
Bothell, Washington 98011

What is a citizen’s complaint?

The Campus Safety Department looks at any allegation of wrongdoing or violation of policy or procedure very seriously. There are two types of citizen’s complaints. The first is an informal complaint. Normally the employee’s immediate supervisor handles these complaints either over the telephone or in person.

The second type of complaint is a formal complaint. A formal complaint is preferred in writing and may be submitted through our Comment Form. A formal complaint may be lodged with any supervisor in the Campus Safety department.

We invite citizens to bring their concerns regarding campus safety practices and services to our attention, however, anyone who alleges that a crime was committed and reports that to a police officer, knowing the report to be false, could be charged with a gross misdemeanor (RCW 9A.76.175).

If you have a complaint and are not sure how to proceed, please call and request to speak with a supervisor at 425-352-5359 or email the director at

Complaint Process Regarding Campus Safety Staff

  • Refer to Organizational Excellence Human Resource here