Campus Community Training

We offer the following trainings to the Campus Community. To book a training, please send an email request to Please note that training topic in your email to include the preferred date/time and alternate.

Campus Safety Services (30 minutes)

This training will provide a general overview of the services Campus Safety provides to the community. We also highlight the Campus Safety website and discuss Emergency Management and Environmental Health and Safety.

Security Assessment & Situational Awareness in the Workplace
(1 hour)

This training will assess the environment of your workspace to include office layout, ingress and egress routes. This training will also discuss personal safety and situational awareness.

Active Shooter Response(1 hour)

This training will provide you with the overall awareness and responses to an active shooter on campus.

Know Your Rights (1 hour)

This training will assist you with understanding your encounters with law enforcement. We will discuss state laws and law enforcement protocols during these encounters.

Community Emergency Response Team: CERT
(9 weeks/1 day a week)

The University of Washington Bothell / Cascadia College Campus Community Emergency Response Team is activated whenever there is a critical incident on campus that could affect the safety, health or well-being of people on campus. In an emergency, the highest priority is ensuring the health, safety and well-being of people on and off campus.

Emergency Preparedness (1 hour)

“It can’t happen here” is a cry we in emergency management hear far too frequently. The fact is that “here” is anywhere a disaster strikes. Emergency Preparedness training class is to make certain that the students, staff, faculty and people of the campus community are as prepared as possible to mitigate, prepare for, respond to and recover from any type of disaster. Participants will learn how to build a kit and have a communications plan.

Additional Self Study Emergency Management Training Classes

AED/CPR/First Aid Training (6 hours)

EH&S can work with you to develop a course allowing all students to become certified in First Aid, CPR and AED usage. With this course student will learn life skills to help in emergency situations. This American Heart Association (AHA) Adult CPR & First Aid course covers the following topics:

  • Scene Assessment and Safety
  • Medical Emergencies (asthma, allergic reactions, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, seizures)
  • Injury Emergencies (bleeding, shock, wounds, spinal inquiries, broken bones and sprains)
  • Environmental Emergencies (bites, stings, temperature related injuries, poison emergencies)
  • Adult CPR (Compressions and Breathing)
  • AED use
  • Adult Choking

Ergonomic Evaluation (1 hour)

Ergonomics is the practice of fitting the job to the individual, which can help prevent work-related musculoskeletal injuries. EH&S provides guidance to individuals and organizational units on how to begin addressing ergonomic concerns.

Workplace Safety Evaluation (1 hour)

Are you prepared for an emergency? We can work with you to assess your space to deal with fire prevention, earthquake preparedness, personal safety and more.

Hazardous Waste Disposal (1 hour)

Unsure on how to dispose of something within you department? Let us help you get it out of your space in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly way! Batteries, paints, electronics, let’s not let these thing sit and collect or be thrown away into an inappropriate place.