What does Campus Safety do?

Campus Safety operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a mission to promote a safe and secure living, learning and working environment by providing a variety of services including:

  • Preventative patrols
  • Referral to resources and services
  • De-escalation and positive conflict resolution
  • In-person and online reporting for incidents such as lost property, vandalism and theft
  • Safety escorts
  • Vehicle battery jumps
  • Key and card access
  • Lost and found
  • Campus community training
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Environmental health and safety

However, there are things that campus safety officers do not do including:

  • Make arrests (if escalation is needed, Bothell PD is called)
  • Physically remove individuals from campus buildings (if escalation is needed, Bothell PD is called)
  • Carry guns
  • Issue parking tickets (visit Commuter Services for parking on campus)

What training do Campus Safety Officers receive?

In addition to UW employee required trainings, campus safety officers complete training in many areas including CPR and First Aid, communication and crisis intervention. Officers focus on facilitating resource response and receive regular scenario based training.

Are Campus Safety Officers police officers?

No, Campus Safety officers are not police officers. In partnership with the Bothell Police Department we do have a Campus Resource Officer, who is a commissioned police officer in uniform. Campus safety officers are primarily focused on customer service and facilitating resource response.

What does the Campus Resource Officer do?

  • Serves as a liaison between the UWB/CC campus and the city of Bothell
  • Is a trained first responder
  • Works with Campus Safety to identify potential crime prevention issues
  • Provides patrol on campus, offices, as well as housing as needed/directed
  • Responds to criminal incidents and completes criminal incident reports
  • Has a direct communication line to the Bothell Police Department for additional assistance when needed
  • Engages positively with the campus community (if you would like to invite the campus resource officer to a meeting or event, please contact campus safety)
  • Assists with trainings for the campus

How does Campus Safety work with the Bothell Police Department?

Campus Safety partners with Bothell Police to provide community outreach & support, crime prevention awareness training, and criminal incident response.

In situations that require escalation beyond the services campus safety officers call 911 to facilitate police or fire response.

What happens when I call Campus Safety?

  1. Incident report received
    • Incident reported by phone, in person, or by a campus safety officer reporting a concern
  2. Log and assignment
    • Dispatch logs the incident and assigns an officer to respond and investigate.
    • Incident may escalate to a supervisor as needed.
  3. Investigation and report
    • Officer responds, investigates and completes report
  4. Review
    • Report is reviewed by a supervisor

Can I submit a report online?

Yes, you can submit a report through the online campus safety reporting system. For the bias incident form please visit the Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion website.

Do campus safety incident reports go to the Bothell Police Department?

No, reports do not go to the police department. In some incidents police may be notified if there is an imminent risk of serious injury to oneself or others.

Where can I see crime data for campus?

In compliance with the Clery Act, a 60-day crime log, fire log, and annual security and fire safety report are all available on the campus safety website.

What are the blue emergency phones on campus?

Emergency phones are a direct dial to the Bothell Police Department. They will dispatch a proper response to your location.

Bothell PD will also contact Campus Safety dispatch so a campus safety officer can respond to the emergency as well.

What is the difference between Campus Safety and SafeCampus?

Campus Safety provides professional security and campus safety services to UW Bothell and Cascadia College. Campus Safety has a physical presence on campus and responds to a variety of needs. Go to question “What Does Campus Safety Do” for more information.

SafeCampus is a University of Washington violence-prevention and response program that serves the Seattle, Bothell and Tacoma campuses as well as the medical center. Call SafeCampus anytime to anonymously discuss safety and well-being concerns for yourself or others 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 206-685-7233. SafeCampus also provides several training options including violence prevention & response training. For more information about SafeCampus resources visit their website.

How is Campus Safety organized?

Campus Safety is part of Facilities Services & Campus Operations, which falls under the Vice Chancellor for Planning & Administration who reports to the Chancellor.

The Campus Safety team includes a director, assistant director, one sergeant, 10 campus safety officers, two dispatchers, an Environmental Health & Safety/Emergency Management specialist, and a campus resource officer from Bothell Police Department.