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2023 – 2024 Peer Coach Position

Peer Coach Team – This Could Be You!

What it Means to be a PC

How to Apply: 

Position Description

Peer Coaches are trained peers who help support new first-year students transition into UWB through one-on-one coaching sessions. They utilize effective communication skills to foster a trusting relationship with new students, facilitate goal-setting for personalized growth, and refer students to appropriate resources as necessary. Successful Peer Coach candidates must exhibit leadership qualities both inside and outside of the classroom, be passionate about helping others, demonstrate organizational skills, and possess a desire to develop their own potential for impact. 

Peer Coaches:

  • Welcome their students at orientation and run a small-group session
  • Call incoming students to provide information and answer questions
  • Send monthly emails, texts, and calls to schedule coaching sessions
  • Facilitate one-on-one coaching throughout fall quarter
  • Empower coachees to create goals that contribute to their success at UWB
  • Build a positive relationship with coachees
  • Serve as a positive role model for new students
  • Encourage students to build strong relationships with faculty, staff, and peers 
  • Connect students with clubs, organizations, and on-campus jobs
  • Respond to faculty and staff concerns about first-year students
  • Collaborate with other peer coach leads to support students in their meta-major through coaching, outreach, and events


This position will begin in spring quarter 2023 and will last until the end of fall quarter 2023 with the possibility to continue to the end of the academic year. Students must take BCUSP 203 in spring quarter (T/TH 5:45-7:45pm). Students must also be able to attend all training sessions and be available to work 10-19.5 hours throughout the year, including summer. Training, events, and meetings must be done in person unless otherwise determined by the University.

Spring QuarterSummer QuarterFall QuarterWinrwe & Spring Quarters
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Intensive Training (Sept.)
Outreach to Coachees

1-1 Coaching Sessions

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First-Year Events

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Opportunity to Continue as a Sr. Peer Coach

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Why Lead With OTP?


How much do I get paid? 

$18.69 per hour 

Can I have another job on campus? 

Yes! Many of our Peer Coaches do. You are allowed to work up to 19.5 hours/week between campus jobs. You must be able to work at least 12 hours/week as a peer coach.

What are hours like? 

They’re extremely flexible! Except for training and events, you set your own schedule. Hours can be inconsistent. It depends on your caseload and how often you meet with your cohort. Normally coaches work anywhere between 5 – 12 hours a week.  

How many students are in each Peer Coach’s caseload?

Approximately 40 students. 

How will I know if I will know if I have the opportunity to continue as a senior Peer Coach after Fall Quarter? 

You will be able to apply in December. We will take your performance and written responses into consideration. 

What if I don’t know what Meta-Major I belong to or if I belong to multiple?

Check out the meta-majors pathway site. You can be part of all five depending on your major and minor.

Do I need to be vaccinated? 

Under Washington State Governor Inslee’s Proclamation 21-14.2, UW student employees must be vaccinated against COVID-19 or obtain an approved medical or religious exemption. Your employment is contingent upon proof that you are fully vaccinated or qualify for an exemption.