Safety discussion synopsis

Thank you to everyone who joined us for a community discussion on campus safety. For those who were unable to attend, below you will find a list of resources discussed.
It is important to remember we are all a community, and to maintain the safety of our community we need the eyes and ears of all faculty, staff and students in the community. If you see something, say something. You can report to Campus Safety, the CARE Team, Safe Campus or Bothell Police Department – but the key is to report. Prevention is the responsibility of each of us. If you identify a person who is struggling, disconnected or concerning, it is paramount that you reach out to the appropriate services so that person can get the support and resources needed to be a successful student and community member.  This process of supporting our campus family is how violence is prevented.
In the event of an emergency situation, there are various systems, policies, and procedures in place to support the campus, including the resources of the Bothell Police and Fire Department which are our first responders. I encourage you to review the Safety Tips page on the Campus Safety website for information on different types of emergency situations. It is important to remember, each person is responsible for their own decision making in the event of an emergency situation; take the time to think and prepare for what you would do in the event of an emergency.
Below are some of the resources available to the campus community. Please become familiar with them and share with others. If you have questions about these resources or individual circumstances, please reach out to any of the following: Cham Kao, Campus Safety; Darren Branum, Emergency Preparedness; George Theo, Student Affairs; Emily Christian, CARE Team; Rosemary Simmons, Counseling Center; Dave Girts, Safe Campus.
Campus Safety
Safety Tips for various emergency situations
Safe Campus
UW Bothell CARE Team
UW Alert
Additional Training Classes
IS-106.15: Workplace Violence Awareness Training 2015