Multi-year implementation

Implementation of UW Bothell’s new strategic plan is a multi-year process that begins in 2020.

A cross-campus group, composed of key leaders and stakeholders, will coordinate work that advances the plan’s three key priorities.

The group’s coordination work involves two spheres: those activities and initiatives of individual campus units and those that involve the broader campus.

The following tasks will be a high priority in the first several years of the plan:

  • Prompt units to articulate and/or align their respective strategic plans
  • Define targets for metrics
  • Leverage targets for well-established priority areas
  • Create a timeline in which to devise a structure for managing Cross-Disciplinary Teaching and Scholarship
  • Charge the Community Engagement Council to propose a structure of managing and operationalizing campus engagement
  • Establish a campus-wide funding initiative around teaching and/or scholarship

Annual assessments

  • Annual report of campus, unit and council alignment with and progress toward advancing priorities — with Chancellor’s Cabinet review and discussions regarding progress we have made and structural obstacles that hinder advancement
  • Annual update to campus metric dashboard noting previous year’s progress as well as narratives of impact that chart, qualitatively, our progress