Process & team

Strategic planning process

The University of Washington Bothell is currently developing its next strategic plan for the campus. This new strategic plan is due to move into implementation as of winter 2020, at which time we also will celebrate the successful completion of our current strategic plan, the 21st Century Campus Initiative.

The new plan has been approved by Chancellor Wolf Yeigh. It has been shaped by feedback the Strategic Planning Team has gathered over the last two years from stakeholders on and off campus.

The plan presents a framework of three overarching priorities that are actionable, measurable and achievable. Success over time will be assessed in part by a series of campus-wide indicators noted in the new plan.

The plan is also designed to serve as a framework and inspiration for individual units across the campus to align their strategic plans to the new core campus priorities.

Planning timeline

  • Collect input from stakeholders – autumn 2018
  • Analyze trends, create draft plan – winter 2019
  • Share and collect more feedback – spring 2019
  • Revise draft plan – summer 2019
  • Finalize draft plan and submit to chancellor for approval – autumn 2019
  • Celebrate conclusion of current plan – winter 2020
  • Implement new plan – begnning in 2020

Multi-year implementation

The implementation of the new strategic plan will take a phased, multi-year approach, starting in winter 2020. New or realigned action plans will be developed across campus to focus on advancing the plan’s three priorities. Yearly data collection will be conducted and reflected on a campus dashboard.

Strategic planning team

Steering Committee members

Focuses on process, logistics, communications

  • Gowri Shankar, Interim Vice Chancellor, Planning & Administration, co-chair (staff, VC)
  • Pierre Mourad, Professor, Division of Engineering & Mathematics, School of STEM (faculty, senator)

Broader planning team (also includes Steering members)

Reviews data, seeks input from stakeholders, drafts plan, vets plan

  • Jennifer Atkinson, Lecturer, School of IAS (faculty, FYPP, IAS)
  • Emily Christian, Interim Dean, Student Affairs (staff, director, GSO)
  • Gregg Dawson, Student (student, STEM/EE)
  • Rita Johnson, Administrator, School of Nursing & Health Studies (staff, administrator, NHS, CACES)
  • Deanna Kennedy, Associate Professor, School of Business; 2018-19 Chair, Community Engagement Council (faculty, Business, 2018-19 CE Council)
  • Sean Marsh, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Alumni Engagement & Philanthropy (staff, AVC, alumni liaison)
  • Chris Wade, Associate Professor, School of Nursing & Health Studies (faculty, NHS)
  • Linda Watts, Chair, General Faculty Organization; Professor, School of IAS (faculty, IAS, GFO, 2018-19 CCPB)

Staff support

Helps with data collection, analysis, communications, project management

  • Marie Blakey, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Marketing & Communications; Communications Liaison
  • Adrian Sinkler, Interim Director, Institutional Research; Decision Support/IR
  • Steve Walline, Planning Analyst, Institutional Planning & Budget; Budget Support
  • Sheri Willis, Organizational Development Specialist, Organizational Excellence & Human Resources; Facilitator