Advance cross-disciplinary teaching and scholarship

UW Bothell is committed to methods of teaching and scholarship (which includes research and creative practice) that engage students, staff and faculty in more than one area of knowledge. Such methods enhance our ability to address local, regional and global issues with techniques and perspectives derived from multiple academic and professional disciplines.

We realize this by engaging in and supporting cross-disciplinary teaching and scholarship in different locales that prepare UW Bothell community members to solve persistent issues and become lifelong learners and active citizens. We incorporate projects conceptualized by students, staff and faculty as well as by the community at large into the educational experience. We also develop and implement high-impact teaching practices in our learning spaces.

Campus-wide key indicators

  • Increase the number of high-impact, cross-disciplinary teaching and scholarship activities
  • Increase the resources supporting high-impact, cross-disciplinary teaching and scholarship
  • Increase career-connected learning experiences
  • Align merit, promotion and tenure guidelines and processes to support cross-disciplinary, high-impact teaching, scholarship and activities

Other priorities