Enhance community and campus engagement

UW Bothell is committed to community and campus engagement that enhances the collaborative and reciprocal relationships between students, staff and faculty as well as with regional, national and global communities.

We realize community engagement by supporting the strategic partnerships of students, staff and faculty with local government, organizations and businesses. Students, staff and faculty partner in order to co-create and apply knowledge, creativity and resources that address local, national and global challenges and opportunities. These efforts also enhance learning, career connection and engagement for students.

We realize campus engagement by advancing policies, structures and practices that allow students, staff and faculty to dedicate themselves to building a robust and actively engaged campus community expressed through equity, caring, accountability and respect. We encourage every member to have a voice, seek interconnection and learn from one another.

Campus-wide key indicators

  • Increase the number of students engaged in community-based projects and internships
  • Improve alumni engagement
  • Increase recognition of students, staff and faculty for their deep engagement with community
  • Support the ongoing professional learning and growth of all faculty and staff
  • Improve student, staff and faculty engagement in our campus community

Other priorities