Chancellor's Medal

Each year, a student receiving a graduate or post-baccalaureate degree, an undergraduate degree, or certificate is recognized by the chancellor at the commencement ceremony for their extraordinary achievement as a student at UW Bothell. The award recognizes an individual who has been a consistent source of inspiration for fellow students and faculty alike and has overcome significant obstacles or endured major challenges in order to complete their degree or certificate program. 


To be considered, nominees must meet the eligibility requirements to graduate. Students who earned a graduate or post-baccalaureate degree, an undergraduate degree or certificate in autumn quarter or have applied to graduate with a departmental advisor for winter, spring, or summer quarters during the current academic year are eligible. 

The Office of the Registrar will verify that each nominee has either graduated in the current academic year or has a graduation application on file.

Nomination procedure

Faculty, staff, students, and those affiliated with UW Bothell are eligible to submit nominations. Self-nominations will not be accepted.  

Nomination guidelines: 

  • No longer than two pages, single spaced. 
  • Address the fit between the nominee and the spirit of the award. Challenges overcome can include academic, physical, personal, financial, or social constraints. 

To be considered for the 2024 medal, nominations must be submitted by email to the Office of the Chancellor at by 5 p.m. PT on Friday, March 29, 2024. 

Review committee

The Ceremonies and Honors Advisory Committee, appointed by the chancellor, reviews the nomination materials and submits three candidates to the chancellor. Of the three submissions, one student is selected and notified by the chancellor.  

Past recipients

2024: Puneet Birk
2023: Amanda “Mandy” McCaslin 
2022: Noor Abdulhameed, Djelli Berisha and Ash Saucedo 
2021: Chris Hays 
2020: Midia De Souza, Yasmin Guzman and Shugla Kakar 
2019: Angelica Mendoza 
2018: Clinton Foriska 
2017: Kyra Laughlin and Erica Qiao 
2016: Benjamin Studley and Alejandra Pérez 
2015: Christian Arciniega and Jim Elliott