Student Media

About Us

UWB Student Media is made up of: Clamor Literary & Arts Journal, the Husky Herald student newspaper, and UWave Radio station. Student Media provides multiple creative media platforms for UWB students to inform and entertain the UWB community and explore their passions or interests. They can gain professional skills and hands-on experience in creative arts and writing, radio broadcasting, journalism, and represent diverse voices and identities. Students can be Clamor Journal editors, submit their artwork and writing, student reporters for campus news and events, DJ for on-campus events, host podcasts or live radio shows, volunteer at events, and learn about running a radio station, newspaper, or editing and publishing an arts journal. 

Through Student Media, students gain hands-on experiences to prepare for careers in radio, art, and journalism and valuable skills:

  • Publishing a professional-grade journal (Clamor):
    • Collaborating with a team of fellow student editors
    • Editing an arts journal and professional website 
  • Newspaper journalism (Husky Herald):
    • Reporting on campus news events 
    • Interviewing UWB community members 
    • Writing/editing content (art, short stories, poetry, video, photo, music, multimedia)
    • Educating through informative news 
  • Maintaining the on-campus student radio station (UWave Radio):
    • Podcast hosting  
    • Sound engineering 
    • Music and events DJ-ing 
  • Student-led programs, events, and activities:
    • Open Mic Night (quarterly) 
    • Writing, art, and music workshops 
    • Literature, art, and music showcase events 


Clamor provides the opportunity to learn about professional publishing through the UWB’s Literary and Arts Journal. If you are a UWB student who wants to learn about editing and publishing an arts journal through a credit/no credit class, then sign up for BISIA 401.

If you have any questions, requesting a copy of the Clamor journal, or would like to submit your artwork, poetry, short stories, or multimedia work, please email us at

Visit Clamor’s website: to learn more about the Clamor journal and how ot submit pieces for publication.

Follow our Instagram page @uwb_clamor for the latest updates and announcements!

Husky Herald

The Husky Herald is the student newspaper of UW Bothell. With our mission to broaden student community engagement through innovative journalism, we provide students the opportunity to develop skills and gain hands-on experience in newsprint publishing through writing, reporting, interviewing, design, and more roles in journalism.

Students with a passion for storytelling and the creative process are welcome to contribute to the monthly Husky Herald issues. You can find the latest printed copies of the Husky Herald at newspaper racks located all over campus.

If you have any questions or need help with brainstorming an article or artwork to submit, please email us at

Visit the Husky Herald’s website: to find the latest issue of UWB’s student newspaper.

Follow our Instagram page @husky_herald for the latest updates and announcements!

UWave Radio

UWave Radio is the campus-based, student radio station of the greater Bothell area. We are student-led and give students opportunities to connect with their campus community (volunteering, programming) and create content about topics they are passionate about (podcasts, dj’ing events, live radio shows or PSAs). 

With UWave Radio, students learn how to run a station and gain valuable experiences and hands-on skills which can benefit them in their future careers.

If you have any questions or would live to be a radio station volunteer, host a radio show, or request a DJ for your event, please email us at

Visit UWave Radio’s website: to tune into the live radio stream and listen to student-produced podcasts and shows.

Follow our Instagram page @uwaveradio for the latest updates and announcements!