Wetlands Overview


Wetland Access Guidelines

The following information provides guidelines for access into the UWB/CCC co-located campus Wetlands Restoration Area (WRA). This area includes everything between the signed wetland restoration area boundary and Interstate I-405 (including the North ""Creek stream channel). This area is considered an "ecologically sensitive wetlands restoration area" and is under the direct control of the UWB/CCC Wetlands Oversight Committee (WOC) for maintenance, monitoring, and educational and research uses.

The wetlands may be observed from the paved trails and boardwalk without prior permission. Access off of the paved trails and boardwalk into the WRA is strictly prohibited without prior permission from the WOC. Requests to enter the WRA off of the trails will be considered by the WOC on a case-by-case basis. This document provides application guidelines and regulations that must be followed if your request is approved.

The UWB/CCC campus wetlands are an exciting and unique resource for education, research, and nature study. While the WOC will strive to maintain access for those purposes, our foremost priority will be careful stewardship to maintain the long-term ecological integrity of this site. Because the area is a sensitive wetland environment in early stages of restoration, access must be limited and impacts carefully controlled. Failure to follow these access guidelines WILL result in immediate removal from the Wetlands Restoration Area and may result in the closure of the area. These guidelines and rules shall be followed at all times and exist for your safety, the protection of the wetlands restoration area, as well as the safety of those visiting and working in the area.

Wetlands Access Regulations

Access to the wetlands area should be coordinated in such a way as to minimize impacts and avoid disruption to the restoration site and biological inhabitants. The group leader must keep a copy of WRA access approval with him/her at all times. Campus Public Safety may request to see this permit when the group is on site.

  • No access is allowed to areas outside of those specified in your access approval"" from the WOC.
  • Group sizes must be kept to a manageable level and at no time shall exceed 25 people.
  • No sampling devices, stakes, flags, etc. shall be left in the Wetland Restoration Area. Studies that collect data (as opposed to observational tours) require an additional scientific research permit from the Wetland Oversight Committee (Anthony Guerrero). Contact Anthony Guerrero, Director of Facility Services, at 425-352-3557.
  • No destructive sampling is allowed. This includes no removal (collection) of seeds, flowers, other plant parts or any other biological, soil, or aquatic material. Nondestructive observations are allowed, but if quantitative data is to be collected a scientific research permit is required. Contact Anthony Guerrero, Director of Facility Services, at 425-352-3557.
  • No use of chemicals in the WRA (including both the stream & floodplain) is allowed.
  • No harassment of wildlife. This includes no fishing, no hunting and no unpermitted access. This also includes keeping noise to a minimum.
  • Do not trample the vegetation.
  • No introduction of soil, plants, animals, or other biological material into the Wetlands Restoration Area.
  • Do not tamper with the irrigation system, floodplain wells, polygon markers or survey stakes.
  • No smoking
  • No pets
  • No motorized vehicles of any kind or other wheeled items (bicycles, strollers, etc.) are allowed.
  • Each individual will take responsibility for his or her own safety and accepts the risks inherent with touring and accessing this area. By signing the tour participation form, each person acknowledges that he/she will not hold the University of Washington, Cascadia Community College, and their employees legally responsible for accident or injury while on this site.