Planning and Administration

Planning & Administration

Enhancing operations and services by providing leadership and structure

The Office of Planning & Administration is dedicated to building and maintaining an administrative infrastructure that supports and facilitates the ongoing operations, services and growth of UW Bothell.

Our primary responsibilities are to:

  • Provide leadership and coordination of operational and administrative activity
  • Develop appropriate services and coordinate enhancements to existing service levels
  • Develop and implement administrative policies and procedures
  • Coordinate administrative activities among the three campuses of University of Washington
  • Represent administration and communicate administrative perspectives

The Vice Chancellor for Planning & Administration leads the following units:

Administrative Services

Provides leadership and direction of operational and administrative activity for the Office of the Vice Chancellor. Learn more

Auxiliary Services

Includes a variety of on-campus services and activities including resource management, facilities use and event coordination, food service, and other business activities. Learn more

Campus Safety

Provides security and safety programs for the campus, develops and implements training programs for a variety of safety and evacuation procedures, provides traffic enforcement, and works with the campus community to provide assistance and advice on all issues related to safety and security. Learn more

Emergency Preparedness

Provides information to the campus community of UW Bothell's emergency operations procedures and activities surrounding emergencies, either from natural disasters or terrorist-initiated disasters. Learn more

Facilities & Campus Operations

Provides custodial, building and grounds maintenance services to the co-located campus and is responsible for coordinating and implementing minor repairs. In addition, Facilities Services is responsible for wetlands maintenance and oversight activities including membership on the joint campus Wetlands Oversight Committee. This committee is charged with the stewardship of this unique campus feature. Learn more

Fiscal & Audit Services

Responsible for the delivery of financial services, business transactions, coordination of external funding applications and monitors financial activity. Provides guidance and compliance on internal audits. Learn more

Government & Community Relations

Advocates for the University of Washington Bothell wherever and whenever the university is affected by local, state or national legislation. Learn more

Information Technologies

Provides a broad array of central technology services in support of the UW Bothell campus mission. As the central technology group for UW Bothell, IT serves as a first stop for most campus technology-related requests. Learn more

Institutional Planning & Budget

Overseas all institutional planning and budget matters. Learn more

Organizational Excellence & Human Resources

Provides assistance on recruitment and employment activities, employee retention, training and professional development, benefits services, labor relations, management advice and consultation. Learn more

Physical Planning & Space Management

Responsible for physical planning, design, construct, and preservation of facilities and environments in support of the universities mission. We strive to provide excellent design and technical expertise along with quality construction. Learn more

Organizational Chart

A current structure of the Division of Planning & Administration.

UW Finance Transformation

UWFT is a redesign of finance-related policies and processes, with the help of a new single financial system for all of UW.

Financial Fraud & Ethics HOTLINE

A 24-hour, anonymous resource for reporting violations of financial fraud, and waste of university resources.

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Planning & Administration