*Important Travel Update*

Do not book travel “package deals” for University business starting January 1, 2018.

What are package deals? “Package Deals” are travel deals sold by services such as Expedia and Travelocity, which bundle services such as airfare, hotel and rental car for one combined price.

Why do I need to stop purchasing package deals? Due to new IRS documentation requirements starting January 1, 2018, the University cannot reimburse the traveler if receipts do not display each type of expense separately as itemized amounts. (Package deals typically do not list itemized travel expenses.)

Is there an alternative? Yes: Booking a “package deal” through Christopherson Business Travel (CBT) is acceptable and will be reimbursed, because CBT provides compliant itemized amounts for each expense. Alternatively, purchase each service separately so receipts are itemized.

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The Fiscal and Audit Services staff are here to help guide and facilitate the process of travel purchases and reimbursements for faculty, staff, students and visitors. FAS complies with the UW Travel Services Policies.

Review our Travel Tip Guides for helpful information on what you need to know before, during and after travel:

Booking – Christopherson Business Travel (CBT)

Christopherson Business Travel (CBT) is the UW Preferred Travel Agency. See the CBT tip sheet for information on the benefits and how to use CBT for booking airfare, lodging and rental cars. Begin using CBT by creating a profile: CBT Profile.

Book online using the self-service website: Christopherson AirPortal or contact a travel agent by e-mail or phone: or (888) 220-1072.

Booking – Tangerine Travel

Tangerine Travel is local to Bothell, Washington and is a diverse and women owned small business. Book online using the self-service website: Tangerine Travel Booking or contact a travel agent by phone at (425) 822-2333.

It is strongly encouraged that departmental guests and candidates (non-UW) work directly with Tangerine Travel for UW business travel booking.

Pre-Travel Approval Form

Out-of-state travel is defined as travel outside of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. All out-of-state travel, including registration, MUST be pre-approved by the appropriate parties using the Pre-Travel Approval Form.

The Pre-Travel Approval Form must be completed prior to making any travel arrangements. The form is completed by the traveler or administrative support person in the department, and forwarded to the appropriate supervisor and budget authority for approval. However, grant funded travel does not need advance written approval if travel was specifically budgeted for in the grant proposal, and travel was approved by the sponsor.

Include the Pre-Travel Approval Form when submitting a reimbursement request.


Click here for information on airfare policies.

Combining personal time with a UW business trip

Refer to the Comparison Airfare Tips for requirements and necessary documentation.

Click here for information regarding personal time.

CTA Account

UW Bothell has a Central Travel Account (CTA) card managed by Fiscal and Audit Services and can be used if the airfare meets specific requirements. CTA booking requests must be submitted at least five business days in advance.

See the Central Travel Account (CTA) Tips for more information.

CTA Inquires



Click here for information on lodging.

CTA Account

UW Bothell has a Central Travel Account (CTA) card managed by Fiscal and Audit Services and may be used to book lodging only in specific instances. CTA booking requests must be submitted at least five business days in advance.

See the Central Travel Account (CTA) Tips for more information.

Click here for more information on CTA lodging.

CTA Inquires


AirBnB Lodging

  • AirBnB is considered commercial lodging facilities. AirBnB is only reimbursed to the traveler who paid the AirBnB directly, even when the AirBnB facility is shared among multiple travelers.

Meals (Per Diem)

Click here for information on meals (per diem).

The GSA website contains the rates for domestic meal per diem.

The conference brochure must be submitted with the reimbursement request for meals claimed during a conference. Provided meals must be zeroed out on traveler’s expense report.

When travelers include personal time with their trip, meals will be reimbursed based on the traveler’s actual time in travel status.

Ground Transportation

Click here for information on ground transportation.

UW Employees should utilize the corporate discounts at Wally Park and MasterPark for SeaTac parking rather than parking at the airport. Travelers should must Husky Card to identify themselves as UW travelers.

UW Employees should use the Enterprise and National Car Rental Contract when renting cars.

Registration Fees

The department administrative support specialist can pay registration fees on the departmental Procurement VISA card (ProCard) or you may pay yourself and claim reimbursement.

Conference brochure/agenda must be submitted for reimbursement.

Travel Reimbursement

Check with your department or school for reimbursement procedures. All travel related expenses are reimbursed via Workday.

Shared Services

If your school/department is part of Shared Services, here is the form to claim travel reimbursement:

Important Reminders:

  • When attending a conference, the conference brochure/agenda showing when the conference started and ended, which meals were provided (if claiming meal reimbursement) and location of conference (if claiming lodging) must be provided as a PDF for reimbursement. A link to the brochure is not acceptable.
  • If personal time is added to a trip, a comparison airfare must be provided (if claiming airfare reimbursement). In addition, all expenses (meals, parking, lodging, etc.) will only be reimbursed for the business portion of the trip. See: Comparison Airfare Tips
  • Transportation receipts must include a business purpose, addresses to and from, and proof of payment (showing method of payment).
  • Foreign currency exchange must include the actual receipt AND either a credit card statement (foreign transaction fees are non-reimbursable) OR an Oanda printout (use the date of purchase or last date of trip).

Please see more information at Travel Services.

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