UW Bothell Alert

UW Bothell is open and operating on a normal schedule today. Local conditions vary; use your best judgement when traveling.


Campus Safety

Lost and Found

If you are unable to locate your missing item on your person, in your vehicle, or at your residence, check with the staff at the building where you last had your item in your possession. If you are still unable to locate your missing item, contact Lost & Found at 352-5359, or at lostfound@uwb.edu. You may also check Lost & Found in person at the Security Office, LB2 005.

Lost Items

Valuable items: cash, bikes, jewelry, credit cards, electronics, etc. can be reported lost and/or recovered by contacting the Security Office and providing a description of the item.

Found Items

Employees, or students finding lost articles on the main campus should immediately take them to the Security Office in LB2 005. Security staff will attempt to notify the owner if possible. Items are held for approximately 60 days, then either donated to charity or discarded if unusable.

Campus Safety Office
18325 Campus Way NE
Box 358570
Bothell, WA 98011-1713
Contact: Dispatch: 425-352-5359
Email: safety@uwb.edu

Did You Know?

Nine out of 10 of UW Bothell students are from the state of Washington.