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Parent Orientation

Parent Orientation

2013 Parent Orientation Dates:
Friday, June 28th
Friday, July 12th
Friday, July 26th
Friday, August 23rd
Note - Students will register parents who are attending when they register for their orientation session.

Students and Families will each have a specific Orientation Session to attend. Parent Orientations are on the 2nd day of freshman oreintation dates. Parents do not have to attend the parent oreintation on the same date as their student's freshman oreintation. We do recognize that some families will be traveling from out of town to attend orientation, and because of this we have student and parent programs that run over consecutive days. It is important that Students have the opportunity to get to know one another without being worried or distracted by their parents. Attending college is often one of the first steps into adulthood. Part of this transition is making some of these important decisions on your own. Unlike High School, the responsibility will more readily fall on the student for making these decisions. We have created sessions for parents to assist their students in their transition to college and adulthood. The parent orientation program is designed to address the specific questions that parents have.  They will learn about the many resources and services as well as the logistics of financial aid and paying tuition. In addition, they will get tips on how they can support you while you face the rigors of a university education. 

The Parent Orientation program at The University of Washington Bothell provides parents with resources to help their students transition to their first quarter at the university. Each Parent Orientation is open to parents of Freshmen and Transfer students.

Sessions begin at 9:30am and end at 2:30pm. Lunch is provided.

The Parent Orientation Session will include information on the following services:

Student Fiscal Services
Campus Security
Discovery Core & Advising
Current Student Panels
Money Management
Campus Computing
Disability Resources
Student Health & Wellness
Student Life
Clubs & Organizations


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