Student Leader/Club Space

Involvement & Leadership Office (ILO)

Work stations

The ILO is a shared work space for paid student leaders and club members. It’s located on the first floor of the ARC next to the front desk.

  • Location: ARC-130
  • Hours: Monday through Friday 8 AM to 7 PM; key card access required outside of hours
  • Contact:

The work room

  • Location: ARC-135
  • Hours: same as ILO hours
  • Contact:

The Work Room supports UW Bothell clubs and organizations with their projects, events, and promotional materials. There are office and crafting supplies, a button maker and button supplies, and many other materials available.

ILO policies

The information below is related to the ILO space for student organizations located on the first floor of the ARC. For the most updated information, please visit ARC Building & ILO policies.

ILO General Policy

  • This space, including computers and workstations [and small meeting rooms] in the ILO are for paid student leaders and club members specifically for student leader work only.
  • ILO operating hours are Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 7 PM, where the space will be available for business; After 7 pm, access to ILO is limited to authorized student employees with card swipe access.

ILO Use Expectation

  • For students who wish to meet up with friends, do homework, or eat, please use the Overlook on the 2nd floor of the ARC.
  • Students working in the ILO are held accountable for behavior by other students ï‚· Monitor your noise level and keep voices at a respectful level
  • It is the responsibility of all users of the ILO to self-regulate policy within the space. Make sure to monitor your peers and provide reminders when it comes to eating, sleeping and doing homework in the ILO.
  • Clean your workspace, put away supplies, and dispose of trash each day
  • Clean and organize ILO (ARC-130) and ARC workroom (ARC-135) according to cleaning schedule posted on the wall in the ARC-130
  • Request replenishment of supplies when low, from your advisor.
  • Report broken or missing equipment, supplies or technology to your advisor.
  • Hide/lock up valuable items; the ILO is not a secure workspace.
  • For questions about the ILO, please email

ILO Event Staging Area

  • Event Staging & Club Supply Pickup Area
  • This is a storage area for supplies for upcoming events.
  • Limit storage to no more than one (1) week prior to the event and remove all items within two(2) days after the event.
  • Keep event/activities staging area (silver shelves in the back of the ILO and lockers) organized and put stuff away after your event is over
  • Lockable cabinets are for event use only and can be reserved by emailing,
  • Mark every item or box with the name of your organization and the date of the event.
  • Clubs can pick up items left for them by staff or Club Council here. Return items to this area when finished.

ILO Fridge

  • Fridge is only for event use and is not for personal use.
  • All food items must be labeled with the following information: name of club/organization, event, event date.
  • Remove leftover event food within two days of the event. Do not leave food in the fridge until it goes bad.
  • Leftover or unlabeled food will be thrown away every Friday.

ILO Workroom (ARC-135)

  • This room is only for use by student leaders, ARC employees, and club members.
  • This room and the supplies in it are only for student leader work, not for class work or personal use.
  • If supplies are low or empty, please email to request more supplies.

ILO Copiers/Printers

  • Copiers and printers are only for use by student employees in the ARC and are only for use for student leader work, not for class work or personal use.
  • UWB Copiers and printers require a code, which is available from your adviser. Cascadia Copiers and printers require your employee ID card.
  • If copier or printer is not working, please ask for help in ARC-140 or email

ILO Sink

  • Wipe down sink and counters after each use.
  • Clean up all food and paint materials immediately after use.
  • Do not leave anything in the sink.
  • Items left near the sink to dry overnight need to be removed after two (2) days.

ILO Work Stations

Work stations:

  • Use desktop signage at workstations to indicate what group is in the office working – this signage is not intended to save a workstation.
  • No messy food at workstations, please clean up after yourself.
  • At the end of each shift, dispose of any trash and return items to their proper location.


  • Student leader work only, no homework .
  • Lock your computers if you step away from them for less than 15 minutes.
  • Log off of computers if you are gone for more than 15 minutes.

Accessing Files

  • Save to Share drive or U Drive, not in documents or desktop.

ILO Lockers

  • Lockers are meant for storing your personal belongings while you are working – not while you are in class.
  • Locker check out is for Student Employees working in the ARC only.
  • Locks can be checked out at the ARC front desk.
  • Lockers are for day use only, do not leave your belongings here overnight.
  • If you have any questions, email

ILO Doors

  • The main doors to the ILO will remain closed to help decrease the noise level from outside.
  • The doors will remain unlocked during business hours of 8AM-7PM, Monday – Friday; after 7 PM access to ILO is limited to authorized student employees with card swipe access.

ILO Glass

  • Office hours listed on side panes.
  • Student leaders will update for their group.
  • Have student logos as placeholders.

ILO Small Meeting Rooms

  • Are for student leaders/club use.
  • Use whiteboards outside of doors: name, name of group, time out.
  • Can be reserved through
  • When space is not reserved, priority use will be given to student employees working club or organization projects.
  • Are not intended for studying, non-organization projects, or napping.

ILO Food

  • Food is allowed in ILO as long as non-messy at computer.
  • Any kind of food allowed in back of ILO at worktables.
  • Clean up after yourself completely.
  • Wipe down table surface after you are finished eating.
  • These areas will not be cleaned by professional staff or Facilities Services.

ILO & ARC Front Desk

  • Each student group will be responsible for making sure the ARC Info Desk has your information and business cards.
  • Check out keys for lockers.