Student Engagement & Activities

Student Space

Students working at the campus cafe

Activities & Recreation Center

Located next to Sports & Recreation Complex.

UW Bothell has partnered with Cascadia College to build an Activities and Student Recreation Center – the second major student-led construction project within a three year period.

The Activities & Recreation Center (ARC) is the hub of student life on campus; a place for students to gather, socialize, dine, and exercise. Featuring three floors of student resources and amenities:

  • Lower Level: Fitness Center, Group Exercise Room, Lockers, Vending Machines
  • First Floor: Food Trucks, Information Desk, ARC-120 (Diversity and Social Justice Resources), Video Game Alcove, Gaming Tables, Student Leader Offices, Meeting Rooms
  • Second Floor: Multipurpose Event and Gathering Space, Meeting Room, Student Alcoves

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The Commons

Located in UW2 Lower Level.

The Commons can be used for students to study, host events, hold meetings, and table for their club. The technology in the Commons allows for multimedia presentations such as movie showings and workshops. Nearby The Commons is Common Grounds café and MOMS Fine Foods.

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IDEA Project - Identity, Dialogue, Expression, Action

Located in UW1-161.

Founded by UWB students, IDEA Project honors the many experiences and talents of our diverse student population. It is a space for students to meet, to design and coordinate events, projects, and programs, and to collaborate on initiatives for student expression and voice. Social Justice Organizers and International Student Facilitators invite you to drop in, visit our lending library, or schedule a meeting in the space.

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Reflection Room

Located in UW1-007.

The Reflection Room is an open use space for the University of Washington Bothell community, to seek quiet time for meditation and reflection. No reservation is needed to utilize the Reflection Room, and the room is available during University business hours.


  • The room is available for individual use only - not for any organized group gatherings or meetings.
  • Quiet and mutual respect are expected at all times.
  • Any bags or backpacks must be hung in the back of the room.
  • Return all items to its original location (cushions, resource materials, etc.) when leaving the Reflection Space. No equipment is to be removed from the facility.
  • Music is to be listened to through earphones or earplugs with all musical devices (e.g., iPods, MP3 players, etc.). No loud music is permitted.
  • Food and beverages (with the exception of water) are not permitted in the space.
  • Candles, burning oils, incense or any other flammable items are not permitted in the facility.
  • No posters, signs, or other displays are to be placed inside room at any time, unless first approved by the Student Life staff.
  • This room is not intended for napping or sleeping.

Individuals not adhering to these guidelines will be restricted from use of this space.

Student Life will provide general oversight and monitoring of the Reflection Room, with assistance from Campus Safety.

If a student observes any person or activity in the Reflection Room that is inappropriate to the purpose of this space, they are strongly encouraged to contact Campus Safety (425-352-5359 or 425-352-5222 for emergencies) immediately if the person or action poses an immediate threat or danger to the space, or contact Student Engagement & Activities staff (425-352-5266) as soon as possible to report such activity.


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ARC Community Resource Center

Located in ARC-120.

Founded in Winter 2016, ARC Community Resource Center (ACRC) is a space where Cascadia
and UW Bothell students can connect to local social justice, diversity, and support resources. ACRC serves as a resource to our shared campus community by providing information, referrals, advocacy workshops, coordination, and support for social justice-related events, activities, initiatives, and discussions.The space offers students access to computers, a lending library, referrals to campus and community resources, and advocacy workshops throughout the year. Resources and partial staffing coverage will be rolled out on an ongoing basis. Open during regular business hours.


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Student Work Room

Located in ARC-135.

The Work Room supports UW Bothell clubs and organizations with their projects, events, and  promotional materials.

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